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46 Invaders Found Dead in 18-wheeler

27 June 2022
Mind dump, sans edit

I’ve been sitting by the Rio Grande today talking with aliens and rare Americans.

Example: a couple of hours ago a Guatemalan man and his 8-year-old American son came to me. The man speaks American. Said he was deported from the United States for DUI after being arrested drunk behind the wheel of a Ford F-150.

The man said the Mexican mother of his son is crazy. Was starving their boy. And after a manhunt and private detective found the boy. The boy was playing around using the entire time and seemed happy and healthy. Dragging around a toy car with a string which he soon — in 8-year-old boy fashion — started swinging around his head and the toy car was swirling like a helicopter.

His father said kindly to the boy to back up so his ‘helicopter’ would not hit us. The boy was having a time and accidentally — or maybe not — released the string and the car flew up on a small roof. His father kindly excused, climbed to the roof and got down from the car, and gave it back to the boy who kept doing the same but this time more carefully.

The boy was very clean. Unlike many children, I see preparing to cross the river.

I said hold on. No river crossing with this boy. He’s American! He’s got a passport. I texted a new friend in Border Patrol working on the other side and he advised how to get the boy safely to America.

I have been on the phone with his family/friends in America to get someone to the border to pick up the boy. He’s American as I am. His dad said he’s teaching the boy to join the US Army when he’s old enough. Said that is a sure way to be accepted in America. (100% right).

Am hearing many stories like this after about my tenth day sitting by the river watching the invasion. They come up and talk night and day. So far, all families that I have seen are very good to their children. Often it’s their children who run up to me with mom and dads following. They ask my name and I say Gringo Grande and the kids always laugh.

The boy, finished with his helicopter car, asked his dad to play by the river. I said cuidado lagarto. (Careful alligator). The boy’s eyes grew wide! The dad said you can play but stay back from the river. But the helicopter boy, after hearing the lagarto part, the boy went back to running up and down the sidewalk back from the river.

By far, most of the people crossing are single military-aged men. But there are many children. And a very few are like helicopter-boy. He’s clearly and obviously American. I can’t adopt him but he’s definitely a boy people would want to adopt. Full-on boy-energy can’t sit still. The boy does not yet speak English.

I said to the dad you need to get him speaking American within the next four years or so and he can do it without any accent. America is 100 yards away but helicopter boy cannot just cross alone into the wild.

I see families crossing day and night. Very dangerous for the children. I’ve seen a couple almost swept away. The American Soldier still in me can’t let that pass…and so I do sometimes offer advice to the parents on how to float across more safely. Not supposed to do that and I hate this invasion but am not going to watch a child drown or dry in the sun and blow away. It’s un-American to watch this invasion and do nothing.

And un-American and inhuman to watch these children smuggled by sex traffickers. OGUS is sacrificing children across the world and the Americas and this border in the name of something only brainwashed “its”, or psychopaths can understand.

And now this tragedy. Very high chance this truck was loaded within the United States. And very difficult for the driver to escape this unless the driver himself is an alien.

These crimes are committed by OGUS.

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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