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Afghan Faces



The water well inside this compound is dry, so the family has a deeper well with a pump just outside the walls.  The yellow jugs are used for everything from water, to cooking oil to IEDs.


The boy in black is wearing an amulet containing verses from the Koran.  The verses will be in Arabic.  The amulet is called “tawiz” in Pashto and Dari languages.


The families live with the cows, sheep and chickens inside the compounds.  Some families have goats.


This big field of marijuana is just outside the compound where we based for two days during a mission. The smoke is from an ongoing firefight.


The kids did not like US Army food, but they liked the drinks that a helicopter dropped off late at night along with ammo and batteries.


Kids everywhere.


During a walk before sunset.  Afghanistan can be like a National Geographic movie but with guns.


Typical Afghan boy in this area.


That night, we flew away in helicopters.

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