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Afghanistan Lost

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Panama City, Panama
Mind burst, sans-edit

Just go back to 2006 and read my dozen major dispatches on losing the war in Afghanistan. At that time, millions of people regularly read my Iraq and Afghanistan. And at any one time, about half hated me or said I was wrong.

But now we can open the time capsule and see who was right and wrong on Iraq, Afghanistan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan-Korea relations, and Chinese information war.

Start with my 2005 archives. Imagine investing in my reports. Check my 2006 reports from Afghanistan:

I finally slammed the door on Afghanistan in 2011. I never went back. I continued going into combat, but not in useless, wasted combat.

The idea that w

e are there to promote women’s rights is at best naive. We cannot even keep Atlanta, Portland, Chicago, or one square mile around the White House safe.
I just spent significant time in D.C. and witnessed up close the events on 06 January 2021.

The three top US military ‘leaders’ are Biden, Austin, and Milley. Three overt racists are more concerned about ghosts than about those who burned neighborhoods across America last year, and will do again this year. Watch. Write it down. Come back a year from now and check my words.

2022 will be worse in the United States. I see no sign this is letting up. We have three racists in charge who are destroying the US military.

Now, if those who try to sell Afghanistan would change from the bullshit about women’s rights and democracy, and shift to what this actually is about: Economics, energy, and power projection — I might agree in full that having bases there is very important check against Iran, or one. And China and more. But they lie.

They lie like the Fauci-mask-lie. And Surgeon General Jerome Adams joined the same lies.

The United States military is melting from within. Milley was in a perfect position to take a stand and be fired or resign. But he chose to negotiate with the ones who wish to see him hang, and alienated people like me who until days ago was open to him.

America is famous for this. Predates us all. We are famous for lavishing gifts on those who attack us and crapping on supporters. This has been portrayed in movies, books, and I saw many people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Thailand, Hong Kong, and other places, say similar.

I published about a picnic I had in an Afghan village, a hundred miles from nearest US forces (Maybe 70…not sure), and I was with Tim Lynch in the village and the Balooch commander asked why we support Pashtun so much when they fight EVERYONE. Even other Pashtun. They are like brown-Scottish, and Scots and Afghans who know either know what I mean.

Funny thing is, I actually like Afghans on whole. And I realize we cannot change Afghanistan in any meaningful way with less than a century of effort. But there is something about even Pashtun that I very much like and respect. Such as that they put their lives on the line to protect their way of life. Like or not their way of life, I respect them.

And the Balooch commander, we were in the desert close to Iran, said half-jokingly they had discussed attacking their American friends just to get quality attention.

Meanwhile, General Mark Milley rolls over and offers his throat. Milley could have said “To hell with this! America first! All races are equal! All people are equal in the eyes of our Creator and must be so in the eyes of the law!”

And in doing so, and getting fired and dragged from sea to shining sea through mud and fire, Mark Milley might have become President Milley and garner massive support. Likewise with SecDef Austin. But both proved morally weak. Gave it up. The pander to terrorists!

They pander to the very people who do not respect them will string them up given a chance, and they snub people like us, who would have supported them to the end if they were AMERICANS, not just US citizens. Americans believe in equality for EVERYONE.

Japanese pre-World War II were in similar predicament. Chinese waved Bibles and Americans would say, “those poor Chinese, they need our help,” and Japanese did not wave Bibles, but were open and desirous for relations until the Evil Roosevelt (the 2nd one — The first one, Teddy, was fantastic, and loved Japanese but mistrusted Russians aplenty!) — the Evil Roosevelt did his best to pick a fight with Japan. Japan, in desperation, foolishly took the bait and attacked at Pearl Harbor and across Asia. Americans, still victim to that World War II information war by Roosevelt and crew, still blame Japanese who also lost the information war in a huge way. (Japanese are the worst in the world at information war. Like teaching an elephant to fish. The Olympic medals for information war go to Chinese, Russians, Americans, and now Social Media who must be taken down.)

And thus we lost a perfect chance to ally with Japan against communists. China got America going against Japan, in large part by waving Bibles, and Japan simply sucks at information war. Then, and now. Japanese seem to think that if you just be good, the all-knowing universe will know you are good.

Japan at the time was very anti-communist, but today is being mulched from within like the United States. And believe it or not — Japanese Christians (about 1% of country) — are heavily communist.

How many American-born communist Christians do you know? I know zero. But Al Johnson and I flew to Japan and found Japanese communist Christians. Cannot make up this stuff.

When I meet a Christian or America or Panama or Thailand, I am far more likely to think this probably is a good person. In Japan, when I meet a Christian, I go “SHIELD’S UP CAPTAIN. SET PHASERS ON STUN.” This despite that of all groups on earth, I find Japanese as a whole to be most trustworthy.

Bottom line — I have to go get a silly PCR test now for flight to Africa with Chuck Holton. Masako Ganaha will fly back to Japan tomorrow. Chuck and I will miss her. I even saw Congressman Burgess Owens send Masako a note yesterday with much gratitude. Everyone loves Masako.

Masako has been very concerned about immigration issues, information war, and communists in Japan. American and Japanese who value their freedom must come together on a personal level. Go visit each other. Form personal relations. Exchange information and ideas.

We must face many Dragons, like these racists Biden, Austin, and Milley — who do the bidding of our enemies.

I must got. PCR test…more information war. Thank you for your support. Sorry no edit!

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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