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Afghanistan: Major General Disembedded from US Forces

How many Generals and other senior commanders have been fired in this war?  I lost count a long time ago.  It’s more than a busload.  Interestingly, MG Fuller got disembedded for the same reasons I did.  Public Affairs warned me in writing about things I was writing.  The general was fired for comments deemed inappropriate.

If this were back closer to the beginning of the war, his comments might be deemed naïve.  But today, they are probably the result of being tired of BS after a decade of blood and billions.

“Major Gen. Peter Fuller, a top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, was relieved of his duties Friday after comments he made to POLITICO disparaging Afghan President Hamid Karzai and calling the government’s leaders “isolated from reality.”

Gen. John Allen, commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan, ousted Fuller following what the coalition called his “inappropriate public comments.”

“These unfortunate comments are neither indicative of our current solid relationship with the government of Afghanistan, its leadership, or our joint commitment to prevail here in Afghanistan,” Allen said in a statement.

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Michael Yon

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