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Am Jumping out the Overton Window…Again

30 April 2022
Panama, Central America
Mind Dump, sans edit

Sounded pretty crazy in January 2020 when I began warning about potential power outages, a major war, and famines…didn’t it? PanFaWar.

The idea was a mile outside the Overton Window. I was reluctant to publicly express the depth of my concern due to being dismissed as a quack. You know…like when I warned about Iraq civil war in 2005, that we were losing the Afghanistan war in 2006, and that CCP might soon take Hong Kong in 2019 — those were mostly outside the Overton Window. Today they are common knowledge.

Time to take a leap out the Overton Window on the 1,000th floor.

If you have not stockpiled at least two years of supplies, just stop what you are doing and get on it. Plant a garden if possible. Get chickens. Learn to fish. Notice I have never sold any of the supplies, and rarely even mention models of products other than a few like Katadyn water filters, or Berkey, but I make no money from that and have no relationships with any companies. People often say that I should set up an online store. But that would undermine the message. If I tell you to stock up and then provide a link, the message is undermined.

Most folks smart enough to read my pages have been preparing for a long time. Comparing notes with each other. Searching for holes in their strategies. Some folks even make dry runs by turning off their water and electricity for varying periods in order to find more weaknesses in their plans.

Self-defense is vital. We’ve seen 911 is a joke. We are our keeper. A grandmother with a little training can throw some serious self-defense downrange.

Later this year we likely will see various governments within the Unites States starting with price controls and increased subsidies. Governments always do this when they are losing control. These policies will exacerbate situations. OGUS will push to make rationing electronic to gain even more control of every aspect of our existence. All the indicators are there.

Stock up thick. The clock is ticking. Conditions are set: 2022 will become serious. 2023 will be a year of starvation in many countries. I do not even see a way out of this. Too much inertia and sabotage. Serious famine creates a real pandemic, more war, and HOP — Human Osmotic Pressure — which leads to migrations.

PanFaWar with its recursive variables can be like an indoor fire. Heat cannot quickly escape, causing more fuel to burn, heat-feedback, FLASHOVER.

War creates famine creates pandemic creates war creates famine creates migration creates war creates famine creates pandemic until enough fuel and energy is expended and it goes away and people say, “Boy the people that did this sure were stupid. We’d never do that again.” And then they do.

One of the biggest lessons of history is that most people learn zero from history. Despite that, all this is written in books. The Four Horsemen were first described…where? In what book? Nothing I have written above is my original idea other than creating the PanFaWar word.

Sometime, a very long time ago, very wise people decided to write this stuff down. But the Dark Side does not want us to read these things. The Dark Side believes in censorship. The Wise Ones believe in freedom to read and to write words. The Dark Side demands OGUS hide words about their injectable potions. The Wise Ones say throw open the doors and windows and let the sun shine across the place and faces.

We are at war with a very Dark Force. The Dark Side is not invincible. The Dark Side is strong and clever but not wise, not invulnerable.

Jab it. Poke it. Choke it. Bleed it. Wear it down.

We were born and have the right to live free. But we must take it. Never ask for freedom. Take it. Pick battles wisely. When you must appear to submit, study the Dark Side. Our day will come.

This ends a mind burst. Work to do.

Overton Window:

Michael Yon

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