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Apple Showing Signs of Instability

15 May 2022
Panama City, Panama
Mind Dump, Sans Edit

Apple in China appears to be under serious stress. Videos of physical fighting said to be at Apple laptop facility.

Xi reportedly has workers locked in at work under slave labor conditions.

NOTE: Mao did similar during his Great Famine. Might be a China-thing. (Read the book, Mao’s Great Famine). During the Great Famine, the Chinese Man-God Mao forced people into slave labor to continue food exports for currency even while an estimated 50 million Chinese starved to death. Chinese like to do things Big. Communists like to do things Big. Chinese Communists = BigBig Crazy. (Not that the current fascists are old school communists — rabbit hole alert).

Have you ever been to Beijing to see how the cult still worships Mao? I stood in a very long line to walk briskly through the ‘mao-seleum’ to see an apparently waxed Mao. Truly creepy. But then I was studying communist cults at the time. The whole several years of study was a creep-fest. Never underestimate just how creepy and stupid communist cults can get. Look at the purple-headed freaks in America who cannot determine what species they are with a mirror and a magnifying glass.

In all seriousness — zero exaggeration — the cannibal cult I tracked, studied, lived with, was far more sensible and down to earth than the people running Portland or running the entire State of Oregon, or New York. The cannibals understand cause and effect. Knew if they were boys or girls.

There is crazy, and then there is Chinese Communist crazy.

They do everything BIG. They are destroying their own country just as communists in America are destroying America. We must stop them.

Anyway, Apple entered a contract with the Devil and now the Devil is in Apple’s Details. Apple hitched its cart to China. China is crazy. Hitch your cart to Crazy and you get Alfred Hitchcock results.

Masako Ganaha messaged from Japan that she ordered a laptop on 17 Feb 2022. Apple charged twice and keeps pushing back the delivery date now scheduled for June-July. Would you want a complex, delicate, high-tech machine made by slave labor locked inside the factory where they apparently are rioting?

Come to think of it…DJI is earning a reputation for rushing products out the door.

Timeline of Masako’s missing laptop:

17-Feb-22 Order laptop + Apple care
17-Feb-22 Order earbuds
17-Feb-22 Charged for earbuds $184.12 Rcv’d — this order is completed late but satisfactorily closed
17-Feb-22 Email laptop original schedule 09 April to 22 April 2022
22-Feb-22 Earbuds sent
(date?) Earbuds received
26-Feb-22 Email laptop delayed 08April to 15 April 2022
12-Apr-22 Charged for Laptop $5,212.00 Laptop charged — Not shipped
12-Apr-22 Charged for Apple Care $238.27 —Not shipped
13-Apr-22 Email laptop delayed 02 May to 13 May 2022
6-May-22 Email laptop delayed 24 June to 05 July 2022
15-May-22 CHARGED LAPTOP AGAIN $5,212.00 Laptop charged the second time, still not shipped.
15-May-22 CHARGED Apple Care AGAIN $238.27

Estimated shipping 24 June to 05 Jun 2022 — 4 months after order on 17 February and paying twice.

$10,900.54 Total charge for laptop + Apple Care

Final note — Communists and other authoritarians ALWAYS blame the people, such as Biden’s Psaki blaming Americans for hungry babies.

Video of hand-to-hand fighting said to be at Apple facility:

Editors note:  Additional details of Apple’s deal with the devil are in 9to5Mac’s report here.  

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