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August 2022 — Violence

13 June 2022
San Antonio, Texas

Watching the situation daily — am ‘statistically’ weighting this period in August as a higher chance for serious violent outbreaks in the USA. Many overriding wildcards such as Taiwan. And always the random Black Swan. But if we continue on this glide path, I would heavily weight mid-August. And be very surprised if we do not have extreme levels of violence before the end of November.

I’ve been predicting an August uptick for a good while now. At least a few months but I think will be found here or in interviews earlier than that. If not August, almost certainly by November.

The general economic conditions. General mood. Accrued damages from generations of information war coming ripe. Heat of the summer. Moon phase.

I will weight mid-August for unmistakable violence increases — almost certainly by November 2022. By Spring and summer 2023 — game on.

Increasing chance of actual famine in parts of United States by 2023-24.

How will places like Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Guam, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and more…feed themselves? Those who can will try to move where the food is. And then what?

Look at my track record from the wars. And more recently on pandemic — was in the top 1% of 1% in January 2020 warning about this, and almost immediately warned about coin shortages, etc., before there were any signs.

Been warning about the danger of famine for 29 months in writing and in interviews. Conditions are ripening.

It’s all coming to pass. Not rocket science. Just studying, watching, traveling around, looking, listening.

Chance of actual famine in the United States by 2024 > 50%.

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