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Author Archie Miyamoto on Anti-Korea/US/Japan Information Operations

Portland, Oregon
Yon-Genre mind-dump. Sans edit.

Archie Miyamoto is one of the most interesting men in America. Most people never have heard of Archie.

Born in the United States to Japanese parents, his family was put into a detention camp after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Archie was a US citizen, and an American. And still is.

During the war, America and Japan agreed to trade two ships full of prisoners. The United States managed to sink one of the ships killing all aboard other than one. Archie was on the other ship:

Archie and family made it to Japan alive. To state this again: Archie was a U.S. Citizen born in America and we sent boy-Archie to Japan during the war as a prisoner in a prisoner exchange. Archie was in Japan while we bombed Japan. Cannot make up this stuff.

But this is just getting started. After the war, Archie returned to America and joined the Army. Did two combat tours in Korea. How many people did two combat tours in Korea? Archie literally is the only one I ever heard of doing this. Probably more, but I just never heard of them. Later served in Vietnam war and many other places. Finally retired from the Army as a lieutenant colonel, more American than most Americans.

There are other paths in Archie’s life, such as the time he took off in the desert gold mining and got some strange respiratory illness. Later in life, Archie became a businessman and finally, after he had something to say, Archie began writing. And his writing is excellent. When I pay respects at the 442nd Regimental Combat Team monument, that respect is to Japanese-heritage Soldiers like Archie. (Archie was not in 442nd, but family was.)

Only with President Ronald Reagan did the United States officially apologize to Americans like Archie. To be clear, I have thought about this a great deal over the years. I do not blame my ancestors for feeling under attack when they were under attack. They did the best with the knowledge at hand. But it was not a finest moment. It is what it was. And we face similar dilemmas constantly today. Answers are not always clear and each must be taken on own merits.

Today, a red barbarian has pierced our borders. This barbarian attacks Japan, United States, Korea, Thailand, Nepal, India, Canada, Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Australia, Maldives, and more. This Barbarian is so great that it does not need to be named as it ravages Uighurs, Tibetans, Falun Gong, Hong Kongers, and more.

The primary weapon in this Barbarian’s arsenal is Division. Divide and conquer. Muslims call this fitnah.

This Barbarian seeks to divide Americans within America along racial, religious, and other lines. It does the same in Korea. I have gone to see this in Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Myanmar, Nepal, Bhutan, China, Australia, Hong Kong, and more.

The Barbarian divides internally, and internationally. For instance, in Japan, the Barbarian attempts to split Okinawa from the rest of Japan by encouraging the use of dialect in places like elevators and ATMs. This is new to Okinawa. I have not yet been to Okinawa. The Okinawa part is told to me by the excellent Japanese journalist Masako Ganaha, who is from Okinawa and sees the peril.

Masako Ganaha described many of the tactics I see every place the Barbarian steps, such as local government officials in Okinawa now opening sessions in an old dialect they do not actually speak. If you are in Nepal, or many other places, you will recognize this tactic but may have been unaware that your area is not alone in these attacks. These tactics are not new: Dutch did similar during their imperial times such as in Indonesia. For all the trouble the English brought, they brought much good in spreading a common language across the planet, which happens to be my native tongue, and not because I am English. I am no more English than is Martin Luther King, but since I speak same language as Dr. King, and Gandhi, and many others — thanks to English spreading a unifying language — we have common ground.

The Barbarian divides first by language. This is not to imply that native languages should be vanquished, but to strongly warn that language is a primary weapon for division. This also happens intra-lingually by forcing “politically correct” word choices within a language. First seize the words.

To state again very clearly: I do not imply even the length of one angstrom that we should diminish the number of languages on earth, but to state clearly in my wide travels around the world that a common language is a vital peacemaker.

Speaking of common practice — we can take for granted simple things like common weights and measures as if they are natural items that just occurred since forever. Untrue. In areas like Afghanistan, there are endless weights and measures, making trade difficult.

Example: the weight of opium is often measured against an AK-47 bullet (appropriately), or a AA or AAA battery. Folks who knows much about ammo or batteries know that even these batteries and bullets are non-standard. Alkaline batteries do not weigh same as Lithium, etc.. Ammo varies just as much.

Divide and conquer. And keep ignorant. Avoid core subject such as math.

The Barbarian will set us against ourselves and then take us all.

I have seen this happen in many other countries such as Nepal after the Maoist won. I spent a year in Nepal, much of that time with Maoists. I’ve written almost nothing about this. The Maoists waged a brilliant divide and conquer strategy and now the country is worse than even before.

Now the Barbarian attacks Thailand. Not to mention Korea, Philippines, Australia, and United States.

This Comfort Women operation is part of a massive divide and conquer strategy. I have published three books on this in Japan with goal of waking up Japanese. You may have recalled since 2014, I have researched many of these “comfort women” operations, most recently last week in San Francisco, and before that in Glendale, and before that near Atlanta — and 13 countries before that.

I know this topic so well that I could teach a university course on comfort women information operations alone.

This article by Archie Miyamoto is precise and accurate in all words, context, and tone:

(Again — thank you for your financial support, and for allowing my unfiltered, unedited posts. Long days and nights travel and research.)

Michael Yon

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