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Awesome: Mission Complete

Just took U.S. VIPs deep into Darien Jungle and they now safely on way back to America. Two Congressmen and others. They are amazingly courageous to have gone into Darien Gap with zero protection. Now you know why I lingered here so long. Took many reconnaissance and other efforts.

Now watch the news. One of the courageous Congressmen is Tom Tiffany. The other will remain nameless for a few more days. Brave men.

Thanks to your donations I was able to spend three months just in Panama on research, and also Colombia.. I really need a black budget, ?.

Delivering accurate information is not Free. Your support makes it possible.

Your gifts ensure that you will continue to get unfiltered reports of what’s happening on the front lines of this fight for freedom. This will be a long journey. The struggle is just beginning. I am asking you for your support. Thank you.

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