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Belgium: Death in The Corn

19 August 2022
Some Cornfield, Belgium

Yesterday, Netherlands. Today in Belgium to meet the famous Mattias Desmet. Mattias wrote a fantastic book called THE PSYCHOLOGY OF TOTALITARIANISM. This book goes heavily into the vaxx-mania — which obviously will lead to mass death and abject failure. Unless the goal is genocide. In which case, this attack has been brilliant so far.

I got a guesthouse near our meeting place for our meeting later today. This guesthouse happens to be in the middle of wonderful Belgian farmland. Specifically, I am looking at a giant, healthy cornfield just a whisper away. Thick corn. Not the wide rows.

Cornfields remind me of Death in the Corn. Afghanistan. Fighting Taliban in cornfields just like this. You couldn’t see ten feet. Like submarines in the corn. Grown men fighting in cornfields because they, for some reason, thought we should be fighting in cornfields. The absurdity of it all. Absurdity ad absurdum. Stupidity ad stupidum.

Interesting. Today is the meeting with Dr. Mattias Desmet. Who has studied and written extensively about mass formation. The term is new to me, but the idea is not. I invested much time into the study of cults over the years and contingents, and so watching much of the world be brainwashed into a death-cult was nothing surprising.

Graphic via @MariaAfsharian on Twitter

And this morning, I woke up to an email from a lifelong friend. A distraught friend. A highly educated, widely traveled man, at wits end. His son has taken a death jab. Required for a top university. And now they require a booster. And my friend is trying everything to stop his son from getting the booster.

The absurdity of it all. Am here at this cornfield. Remembering absurd firefights in an absurd war. Waiting to meet with the famous Dr. Mattias Desmet, who specializes in ‘vaccinating’ humankind against stampeding over cliffs. And I remember all the families I have talked with who lost family members to cults.

General education, no matter how high, provides zero vaccination against cult formation or mass formation. I’ve seen psychologists and similar sorts in psychotic-cult-trance. Rather common.

With families distraught. How to make them see the light? How do you persuade men to travel to the other side to fight men whom they never met, never talked with, do not speak their language or know their names, and fight them in their own cornfields?

Imagine the story of the Pashtun farmer. “There I was. A Pashtun farmer who cannot read. Suddenly fighting the British in my cornfield. Just as my grandfather fought with his grandfather. We beat them last time. And now again.”

Interesting during that time of death in the corn. A small detachment of Belgium Soldiers was attached. They did signal intelligence. Intercepting Taliban communications. Mail came by CH-47 helicopter to a warm landing zone where we sometimes took fire. And so the mail came, and one Belgian Soldier got two blowup sex dolls. The British took the sex dolls and dressed them in uniforms to use as sniper bait. Shortly after that, I flew away and got the news that the Taliban sniper hit a British Soldier and killed him.

And now in Belgium. Scene of World War II. What a day. Here in this corn. Thinking of how to help with my friend’s son. While, perchance, about to meet a world-famous author who specializes in this very thing.

I say with clarity that it already has withstood the test of time. There is no university on earth worth taking that shot. None. If Harvard or Princeton or Yale or other woke-dens demand the shot, and all the students take it, this is Proof of Herd. Mooo! Mooo! “I went to Harvard. Mooo! Mooo!”

Or they faked the shot for the diploma from a university whose name has become meaningless.

There is no job worth it. No relationship is worth it. Anyone who demands the shot is evil, a fool, or an evil fool.

And these universities are run by evil fools. Weak, evil fools. With pretensions of higher learning that did not withstand the acid test.

And now to prepare to meet with Dr. Desmet.

Remember this the next time you see a cornfield.


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  1. My husband and I are going to be close Amsterdam next week. I would love to go for coffee. It would be a privilege to meet you in person. K

  2. My mother has a cousin buried in a cemetery in Belgium. He was a pilot with the 323 Bomb Squadron and was shot down during his 23rd or 24th mission over the Kiel Canal.
    We gave up so many of our best young men to free those people, and it was all a waste a total waste because they have surrendered to tyranny again.

  3. There was another Cornfield in Maryland. Antietam Creek. Army of the Potomac. Hoods Texans and the Louisiana Tigers. Bloodiest day in American history.

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