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BIG Day has started in Washington, D.C.

Good morning. As you can infer from some of my posts, I worked until about 0400, about five hours ago, and hit the rack. Now time to roll. I suspect this will be a very big turnout for President Trump.

Also there is much noise and indicators that BLAMTIFA will attack.

I will not live stream today but will make updates.

Tomorrow, I will head to Arlington to pay respects. Next day, may stay in D.C. for another day or so, or fly straight to New York, or Portland. (Unknown at this time)

Watch D.C. today. I will be here taking many photos and will make a full write up.

My guess: MAGA march will be huge and underestimated by media. BLAMTIFA will make many attacks — especially on the edges, and especially after nightfall, which will barely hit news unless they do something spectacular.

God Bless America!

Today, Freedom will ring the bell. 2021 will be a very serious year. 2020 was only a warmup.

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