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Book Bombs

21 October 2022
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Mind Burst, sans edit

I read a lot of books. As my eyes walk through thousands of pages I notice in recent years books often seem to have a sort of quick commercial. Like one I re-read on Famine yesterday called THE FAMINE PLOT. The author makes a quick stab at the certainty of global warming. He just sails in from the left field with a random comment on climate and speaks with such certainty that the author discredits himself and undermines the entire work.

I just asked a senior editor at a major publisher tonight and he told me they do not make such advertisements. More likely is a product of the editor mentioning something to the author unrelated, causing the author to roughly insert text into the flow that then jumps out and attacks the reader’s eyes. As an author, I can see this happening —but there are so many mentions of climate change and other talking points that likely it’s either due to incredibly successful information campaigns, or something else that broadly inserts itself into the publishing process.

Another example recently is the virtue signalers and the “I am in your camp” crowd such as Peter Zeihan, who is far from a thought leader and more of a mockingbird. I read this book months ago while in Mexico.

Peter Zeihan makes a naked pro-jab statement even in 2022 when we can see how badly this is going. The evidence is deep and wide that the jabs are genocidal. Yet he continues to push even in 2022.

I cannot tell if these are just the ‘collective editor’ or ‘collective author’ tossing thought fragments to a page, or something else. Both of these authors discredit themselves with their magnificent virtue and faux science-wisdom.

Both of these authors amplify narratives leading to Gigacide.

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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  1. As much as I hope your predictions don’t quite hit the mark, I am reading the books and preparing accordingly as long as my dollars still work. I even bought a map today. I expect 2023/2024 will be years to remember, as much as 2020 was. Trump will not save us, the military will not save us, we must save ourselves. Thank you for your eyes and ears in places we can’t be present, and especially for your voice of warning. Hope enough people are listening to it, I have forwarded your interviews to friends. I love to travel and have been to Thailand, but am not traveling now with all of the insanity going on. You’re a brave man.

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