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Brexit shocked Germany and the rest of Europe

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[A quick note from Michael]

This is unbelievably huge and complex. Many people already are blaming the British. Especially the English are to blame, they think.

But this is not their fault. This is the fault of the EU. British have been saying for years that they are unhappy, and they were ignored. They were taken for granted.

They do not like to be taken for granted.

They were shouting at the top of their lungs while smug Eurocrats ignored them.

And now, leadership across Europe is in shock that Brexit actually passed. It seems none of the major leaders or Eurocrats expected the referendum to pass.

Bookies were giving up to 9:1 odds that UK would not leave EU. 9 to 1! Just yesterday media were citing this as evidence that Brexit would not pass. They were citing bookies as evidence!

How could they not see this coming?

I have not lived in Europe for years, yet could see it coming. Of course I did not know if it would pass, but for months I have been publishing about Brexit. If I thought the chances of Brexit were tiny, I might have posted once about it, but I published dozens of times about Brexit. Dozens.

And now the EU is numb with shock, calling emergency meetings, calling for calm.

The EU is almost certainly mortally wounded.

How this plays out is anyone’s guess, but when the smoke clears, the EU is probably dead. UK shot an arrow straight through the EU heart. EU already is staggering and bleeding just hours after Brexit. Markets are in turmoil, and no doubt many investors will be looking elsewhere, such as to Asia.

Eurocrats did not listen to the British. A lesson for everyone, in countries around the world. Listen to the people. They are not peasants. They are enlightened people.

This is not the fault of the British. They warned for years and years, and now this. Goodbye EU.

Michael Yon

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