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California Dreamin’: Cognitive Dissonance and the Tar Pits

07 February 2021
Ontario, California

Yon-Genre Mind-dump, sans edit

This is not my first trip to California. I’ve been here many times, including going to school here twice, and having studied and moved in with a cult related to a cannibal cult I tracked down in India.

The first school I attended in California was Defense Language Institute at the Presidio of San Francisco. Many people will say this is wrong, and that the Presidio was in Monterey. Main campus was Monterey while overflow for German, Spanish, and Korean, were in San Francisco. My language was German. Perfect job: paid to study.

Later I attended Allen Hancock College to stock up on more math before my plans to attend Cal Poly, or who would have me, to study physics. This was the time I worked for Michael Jackson at Neverland, doing my calculus homework at the Ranch. Perfect job — paid while doing homework.

Years and many countries later, I ended up in India tracking some cannibals. More a pastime than profession. Some people hunt big game in Africa. I hunted cannibals. The Joy of Cannibal Hunting led me back to places like Italy, France, Germany, and more, including Hawaii and California. Specifically, Sonoma, California. During that time, I researched possible murder by one of the cannibals — he was from Houston — in San Francisco. FBI and SFPD homicide were involved. And during that time I attended anti-Iraq war protests in places like San Francisco.

Little did I know that soon I would be neck deep inside the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Anyway — bottom line is that I’ve been all over California. Tijuana all the way to Seattle, which technically is Washington State. Death Valley to Yosemite and through the Red Woods and many places between.

The most interesting cannibal I hunted, and found in India, was from Houston and spent significant time in San Francisco, attending the Hari Krishna Temple that Steve Jobs frequented. They both read the same book almost as their bible: Autobiography of a Yogi. I also read the book to research them. Steve Jobs and Gary the Cannibal (GtC) both experimented with many diets.

GtC was a victim of pandemic. He contracted polio in June of 1952 in Houston. Los Angeles and Houston were the worst two places in the world for polio that season. At fifteen, GtC read Autobiography of a Yogi, ran away from home and never returned. Ended up in California, homeless at times, and Hari Krishna. Later he abandoned the Krishna. Long story, and the most interesting ever. And then I tracked him down in the bowels of India.

I read more than forty books on pandemic, including several on Polio. Please excuse my informed opinion on going slow with injecting experimental substances. I’m not anti-vaxer and readily have vaccinated many times over the years without being told. I just do it before severe travel. I saw what pandemic did — or contributed— to GtC.

Cognitive Dissonance. CD is by far one of the most important human conditions we live with. Yet it seems few people without graduate degrees know the term. Cognitive Dissonance is so important to understand that to lack awareness is like attempting actuarial work without knowing how to count. This literally is without exaggeration.

Children should be taught about CD by the time they are in elementary school.

In short, CD occurs when despite overwhelming evidence something is untrue, we just dig in deeper. We ALL suffer from CD. The wise people learn to guard against CD, but likely always carry some CD — while realizing they live with good people who all suffer CD. Suffering from CD does not make bad, but human.

Cults. I’ve learned after much study and travel in this world that the only cult we never will see is the cult we are in. We can see everyone else’s lacunae and cults, but not our own. After all — if we could see our own lacuna, it would not be a blind spot.

Much of the wars we have are cult-on-cult warfare. Cognitive Dissonance vs Cognitive Dissonance. “My CD is stronger than your CD, may the greatest fantasy win.”

California Dissonance is real. Many Californians see their once incredible State imploding into a CD black hole. A giant La Brea Tar Pit.

IMG 1364

In the very short time since my return, some friends and I visited Slab City. Look it up.

There was a minor shooting on I-10 that closed one of the most important roadways in America for many hours. For what? So police could draw circles around shell cases?

Around that same time, I heard 15-20 gunshots in rapid succession in Ontario. Sometimes I cannot tell the difference between gunshots and fireworks. Other times they are obviously fireworks or gunfire. This was obvious gunfire. If local authorities have Shot Spotter technology deployed, they likely would know more.

Drove to Glendale and visited the CCP information operation beside the Glendale Library. The Comfort Woman statue that I last visited in 2014. This operation led to Korea and Japan splitting relations last year, just as I and team warned since 2014 would happen.

We headed to Beverly Hills and saw a woman defecate on a sidewalk. News reported that Gina Bisignano of Beverly Hills was indicted on seven criminal charges for the Capitol Attack. Her nail salon is listed in Beverly Hills. We stopped. Her shop is closed and her name removed from door 121.

IMG 3214

IMG 3027

IMG 3019

Headed into Los Angeles — many homeless. Down to Venice Beach and saw homeless camped in front of Gold’s Gym. Down on the beach were long rows of homeless, and some Hari Krishna signing. Reminded me of George Harrison and Maui.

IMG 2946

Filled the pickup with gas. Almost $60.

IMG 3067

More homeless. The place is dirty and dangerous.

Visited the 442nd Regimental Combat Team monument in Little Tokyo to pay respects. 442nd were Japanese-Americans. Most decorated Regiment in American history. Many of the volunteers had been held in detention facilities because they were Japanese, despite being American citizens. And now Japanese are the most successful immigrants in America. Many of us hold massive respect for Japanese and Japanese-Americans.

IMG 3164

IMG 3201

IMG 3196

IMG 3200

In Little Tokyo in Los Angeles last evening, my friend driving saw a homeless he thought was dead, literally. That was several blocks from the Monument. At the monument, a homeless man wearing a mask was moaning as if dying. If this were just one or two people, I would stop to do something, but this Apocalypse and the norm here. Restaurants with outside dining just beside homeless camps.

IMG 3213

And yet the CD continues. We just left the borders by Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona — more are flooding in while people literally die on our streets. Drugs galore. How fitting that the La Brea Tar Pit is in the middle of a giant political and philosophical tar pit.

We’ve got to do more than talk about this.

My apologies for no edit mind-burst. Some phone calls coming in.

Thank you for your support. I greatly need it.

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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