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Canaries twitching: Yemen, Sri Lanka, Lebanon…many more.

17 May 2022
Panama, Central America
Mind dump, sans edit

The cascade has begun. For those who have read at least several books on famine, little if any of this is a suprise. Those who have read, say, 5-10 books on famine can go ahead and take the written test and likely be pretty predictive of what is too unfold.

Witness how accurate I have been since January 2020 on food issues. Incredibly accurate. Reading history is like cheating.

Soon, people will begin to die in small areas by the hundreds, then thousands.

More countries will begin to shut food exports, as should the United States. To be clear, this exacerbates global famine. But bottom line at this point is massive numbers of people will starve to death. We have reached the PoNR — Point of No Return. In famine, flash to bang comes with long delays. Flashes are popping all over. There is no turning back. Countries like India are halting food exports. All this is additive.

During Mao’s Great Famine, the Irish Famine, Holodomor, and others, some despots continued to export food even while their own people were eaten by family members. US is lining up now in this category. We have entered an agricultural catastrophe with a long flash to bang. The extent of the agricultural meltdown may not be understood for years. We can see it’s massive even while we export food as if we are going to save Africa.

In my paradigm, OGUS (Occupational Government United States) is actively attacking Americans. Witness baby formula. FDA is an OGUS arm shutting down food production for ‘safety reasons’ even while truckloads of baby formula go to invading ‘migrants.’ Culling birds. Fish.

Diesel is an arterial flow. Some truckers are parking their rigs.

If my paradigm is accurate, OGUS is setting battlefield conditions for serious agricultural attack come harvest time. A comprehensive attack including reduced diesel, water, and electricity. The kill shot for farmers is best had at harvest time. Wait until all the inputs are invested. Time to harvest and move to market. Then strike. A successful, massive attack can be had without firing a shot. Just prep the battlefield all year by draining our pantries and fuel reserves, then interfere with harvest.

Many farmers are now speculating and storing large quantities of food to sell at a higher price, later. In normal times, this would be a wise business move. But we are in midst of a communist takeover.

If my paradigm is accurate, honest speculators will be labeled as profiteers, traitors, and hoarders, intentionally causing famine to drive up prices. If history repeats itself, OGUS will begin stealing their inventories. State of emergency and all. (Perferct timing for ‘elections’).

Interestingly, during other famines such as in China, there often are arson waves. Causes can be vague but one cause is farmers destroying food rather than allowing it to be stolen. Famine creates famine. Also, burning food and records allows farmers to move food in advance, hide it, then burn what they cannot hide as if all were destroyed. Similar with fuel and other valuables. People take what they can take, and burn the rest to cover the action.

Train robberies and highway robberies create massive problems for food distribution. Entire areas grind down. The window for organized rebellion is brief. People without food are too weak within just weeks to make any serious resistance.

Famine begets famine, and pandemic/pestilence, war, and HOP — Human Osmotic Pressure: the Push and Pull of migration.

If my paradigm is accurate, we are witnessing the most incredible human events in the history of mankind. Bigger than World War I and World War II combined, by far. A global famine on a scale most people dare not imagine. PanFaWar is unfolding on a scale too large to imagine without looking at the Milky Way.

Those who have prepared can sail through the stormy seas and live to tell the tales. Those who have not prepared — may die by the hundreds of millions if not more. Pandemic, Famine, War — Three Muskateers.


Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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  1. A) Can you please give some guidance on books to read on famine. That sounds important.

    B) What do you make of President Putin offering to resume exports of some wheat to ease the food shortage in return for Biden’s handlers easing certain sanctions against Russia. I don’t necessarily think he’s a humanitarian here, but is he looking at war following famine and trying to delay that? Or is it more like food being leached away from the Irish?

    C) Speaking of the Irish, you’re familiar with the Irish Penal laws? No swords over 5 ft. Biden’s handlers know they’ve got to disarm U.S. before it seriously begins to crash. Look for shootings to continue. Or maybe I’m just jaded.

  2. Are the locusts going to come back to Africa and Asia? That will exacerbate famines in those areas.
    Diesel shortages will cause problems down on the farm as well as in the delivery of food from the farms.
    I just the weather allows our farmers to get good crops in the ground that will still grow despite fertilizer shortages. I don’t think the supply of fresh fruit and vegetables all year round will be as plentiful as in the past.

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