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Concentration of Force, Defeat in Detail

Panama City, Panama

Mind dump

Some folks wonder. Why I am concentrating fire on Peter Zeihan, Scott Adams, and Neil deGrasse Tyson?

Folks who have followed my work for many years will remember other fights. Notably against the likes of General Stanley McChrystal, and Brigadier General Daniel Menard.

At the time, General McChrystal was arguably the most popular or almost most popular General in the United States. McChrystal led the forces of dozens of countries in Afghanistan. And he was arrogant. Marginally competent. Not competent enough to lead that incredibly complex war.

BG Daniel Menard was a handsome, French-speaking Canadian who many people thought would be commander of all Canadian global forces by this year in 2023. Menard was that kind of guy. Suave, slick, political, arrogant.

I hate arrogant Generals when they are losing. When Generals are winning, and they are arrogant, I call them Confident. If I like them. And my liking them mostly depends on whether they are winning. I hate losing Generals. And losing Generals who are arrogant — they beg for fire.

We were losing the Afghanistan war. The lies and arrogance were thicker than the mud. I was frequently in combat in the worst places of the war, such as Sangin, the worst district of almost 400 districts.

Journalists did not want to go during those times. Other than to stick their toe and then bug out. I said take me. I will go.

I went. I stayed until my dispatches made clear we were making no headway and they kicked me out. Sangin. The place I made the famous Kopp-Etchells photos. So many firefights. So many bombs. The Taliban there were competent and courageous.

A-10s rolling in. Apaches. GMLRs. F-15s, 16s, 18s, and plenty more. We killed plenty of Taliban and they gave plenty in return. The British are brave and competent. They do not have enough men. Their gear is old.

They are our Brothers and Sisters and yet to see them made me realize United Kingdom stands naked without America. This concerned me then, and now.

Taliban are good at tactical and strategic patience. They are farmers. Farmers are never silly people.

Go. Go and vax the Taliban. They will stick those needles up Fauci’s ass. They will kill the vax campaign and it will end. This happened before in different places and times. They don’t waste time complaining about spike proteins or deceptive bullshit. They say GO. Leave us alone.

And so I published such things. Go and see. Read any dozen random dispatches from me from Iraq and Afghanistan. Audit my accuracy today. Notice that Fox or others will never touch me today. I said too much and still do. I do not care.

I stared at death and God too many times to care about the feelings of some arrogant pissant with fake medals and plastic stars. Who among the Generals and Admirals on active duty has stood against the Death Vax as our young troops are raped by venom? NONE! Their stars are plastic!

I already speak from beyond. The things I care about are beyond.

Back then, I would say during interviews that reached millions of people. Military and civilian overlords did not have enough lipstick. An untreated cancer can be hidden only so long.

I concentrated fire on Menard and McChrystal in attempt to have them removed from command. I did not think it would work. And my attacks were very damaging to me. And I did care. I kept attacking and attacking and attacking and attacking. And I went to bed attacking and woke up to attack. And I did not know if it would work. And I attacked and attacked and attacked and never stopped attacking and today is 2023 and I am still firing shots!

And then it happened. Both were relieved of command. Menard was reduced in rank to Colonel. Later he ended up in an Afghan prison on unrelate charges. Did I say Menard was an arrogant, incompetent clown?

Meanwhile, the system ground through serious combat leaders such as Colonel Harry Tunnell. Tunnell was winner. Never arrogant. Highly confident.

Taliban respected Tunnell because Tunnell liked to fight, and was good at war. Tunnell was a straight up killer but he obeyed the law and conducted himself as a Soldier. Morale in his 5/2 Stryker Brigade was high.

A small group of trash soldiers in 5/2 committed war crimes. They should have been hanged. Colonel Tunnell got wind of problems and launched an investigation.

Later, Washington Post attacked Tunnell and actually threw the race card on Tunnell. WaPo published something about Tunnell being black was caused Tunnell to get special treatment after Tunnell was shot bad in Iraq but Tunnell wanted to recover and return to combat. Which he did.

WaPo said something about Tunnell’s skin color causing special exception. To be true, some people clearly are being promoted for anything other than competence. But at that time the real Army still had a heartbeat and was not dead. And in the particular case of Tunnell, was pure bullshit.

Colonel Tunnell was a true infantry Officer who earned the Eagles on his shoulders. The only stars Tunnell ever saw were when he was wounded in combat. I miss going to combat alongside real men. War is terrible, but working with real men is an honor. I know there are many out there. I spent years in wars with them.

Later, the now dead Michael Hastings accused me of covering up war crimes in 5/2. Covering up war crimes is a war crime. Hastings lied, as he often did. I had no chance to sue him because I was in combat and distracted. While Hastings nurtured his substance abuse and wrote books. Now he is dead. I visited the tree where his life ended. God will be his judge.

The wars were a game to Hastings. Reminds me of James O’Keefe. They both behave as adult males. It’s all about show. It’s all about Look at me! The severe arrogance and self-flagellation afflicting this nation is poison.

I could never survive year after year in wars and conflicts and jungles and far away places without being a quick and accurate character judge. The most important combat and survival tools are intuition, and quick, accurate character evaluations.

I have lost my train of thought.

We started with Concentration of Force and Defeat in Detail. These were ideas I first learned at age 19 during initial Green Beret selection and training.

Concentration of Force, Defeat in Detail.

A small Green Beret team and the indigenous they lead are not powerful. The smaller force must rely heavily on accurate intelligence. Accurate intelligence is 99% of survival, and the fight. Study study study. Go look. Go see. Go think. Find or sense weakness then STRIKE and DESTROY.

A motto of Colonel Tunnell’s 5/2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team. STRIKE AND DESTROY. The liberals hated Tunnell for being a real Soldier.

Scott Adams, Peter Zeihan, and Neil deGrasse Tyson, show signs of weakness. All three radiate fear. I know fear when I see it. They reach millions of people. The three actresses are afraid. They pile arrogance and anger atop their growing fear. They are actresses who willingly sucked the venom into their blood. Apparently the Evil Masters they serve never bothered to warn them.

There is no space in the Cave of the Evil for used actresses.

This is a mind dump sans edit. I will try to stay on the road but I am writing so fast it’s making the road catch fire.

Stick the road: Concentration of Fire and Defeat in Detail.

Instead of fighting “MSM” or “they,” identify specific weakness. Strike and destroy small targets. Then move to the next isolated unit. Fix it. Strike it. Destroy it. And keep doing that until there are none left.

As they melt, they will radiate vital information.

Stay within the law.

I never broke law, or behaved unethically or immorally during attacks on Menard and McChrystal, or on the actresses during the times ahead. Keeping striking them.

Please help. Share their videos. The video of Adams losing his mind. His own words are enough. Same with deGrasse and Zeihan. Just publishing their own videos is enough.

Do nothing you will be ashamed to say when this war ends, or when you stand before your family, or God. Strike and Destroy!

Please consider supporting the fight.  Thank you. 

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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  1. Your judgment of Zeihan is incorrect. That is not a surprise as you are not infallible. I’ve seen most of Zeihan’s stuff and I have as yet to see any fear in him.

  2. Michael, I was a subscriber for a long time. New computer, not everything transferred from old to new, and forgot all about you – until YouTube’s algorhythm began recommending “Shawn Ryan Clips.” Don’t know who he is, but one of his guests spoke highly of McChrystal, and I thought, “Whoa! Not… what I was expecting.” To which it made me think, McChrystal and his former men are all over our nation, involved in high rankings of civilian business, government agencies, and Big Tech. Are these SOF men tainted by their close relationship with McChrystal, and/or his leadership? Will they look down on America and Americans, because we are sheep to be led? Protected by wolves who’ve worked under various presidents of ambiguous morality? Please, what are your thoughts?

  3. Michael,

    I’m a “fan” of your work. I’m interested in traveling along sometime.

    Dr. Michael, DSS(Doctor Strategic Security)-ABD

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