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Counter-Slavery Sign in El Paso, Texas

This sign is taped up on a restroom door in an El Paso restaurant. In 2021, slavery remains a global “thing.” Entire countries are enslaved. Travel and see…

Before posting this sign, I checked the number and organization. Please see the two screenshots alerting about spoofing.

IMG 1353

IMG 1354

The United States can do a great deal to counter human trafficking, kidnapping, and slavery by controlling the border.

On the topic of borders, I just got a message from Gordon Chang about the BNO passports Hong Kongers use. CCP will no longer recognize this passport. I will go on the John Batchelor show tomorrow with Gordon Chang to discuss this.

IMG 1355

I also contacted Gordon today seeking more information about the large crematorium allegedly constructed near Hong Kong. This construction seems to have fallen off the radar. Gordon has no current information on this.

Hong Kongers are in real danger of genocide similar to that of Tibetans, Uighurs, Falun Gong. The United States must stand up for Hong Kongers.

I believe the United States should take a hundred thousand Cantonese speakers now, while realizing we will get a load of spies in the bunch. But on balance this is the right thing to do. And the United States will benefit from their high education, work ethic, and family oriented culture.

Hong Kongers work hard and make strong families. Take them.

Risk of genocide is profound. Take them.

Any Hong Kongers presently in the United States should go to front of the line for asylum claims.

At minimum, Hong Kongers currently in the United States should not be ejected from United States unless another safe country will take them and guarantee that Hong Kongers will not be forced back to China or to Hong Kong. (And yes, I know the difference. They kicked me out of Hong Kong last year, but I was safely welcomed in Thailand.)

Be American. Do the right thing. Stand up for Hong Kongers.

Michael Yon

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