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Cutting and Burning European Forests

04 October 2022
Republic of Ireland
Mind dump

“Migrants” to Netherlands are living on cruise ships. Catered. “Free food” and gloating on CCP owned TikTok.

The invasion continues while many European taxpayers already are unemployed or soon will be.

Meanwhile, here in Ireland, people are prevented from using clean-burning peat — plentiful in Ireland — while they import forest wood from Lithuania. There was even scandal of peat exported to mainland Europe and re-imported to Ireland.

And the Irish.

Of course, they know the famine their ancestors endured. Yet nearly every Irishman or woman I speak with says there is no worry in Ireland. Words like, “No worries boy. We’ve got fewer than 7 million souls on the entire island yet we can feed 45 million.”

As someone who studies information war…I smell a massive pile of bullshit. The magic of statistics. Especially so of the “90% of the statistics made up on the spot” and fed to a people who are culturally fearful of famine. Statistics as security blanket.

Example — when calculating food imports/exports, a country can pick any metric that suits it. Tonnage. Value. Total calories. And not take into account vital imports. Say, a factitious US State that exports 10x more calories than it needs to feed the entire State, but mostly those exports are corn. And so the States import a massive percentage of the food they actually eat.

And there is more important magic. When making calculations for national security purposes, all inputs such as fuel and fertilizer must be calculated. Even down to the tractor parts. All inputs are part of the ultimate calculation. If the diesel and other fuels are cut — famine will not be delayed in catching up.

Ireland was surrounded by fish in the sea during the great famine, yet starved.

Let’s talk about merely staying warm. If you drive across Germany, which I recently did, you will witness massive amounts of green forests being felled and destroyed for firewood. Just to stay warm. Most Europeans and Americans today have no idea how much wood is required to keep a home warm during winter. Most fireplaces these days are not really for keeping the home warm, but for making cozy moments.

Most do not even realize you cannot just cut down a tree and toss it in the fireplace. Green wood requires “seasoning.” Like two years resting in the elements. Season after season. Swaths of forest being felled today — forget it. Germany and other countries appear to be deforesting Europe faster than the rainforests ever were.

The Greens are raping European ecosystems for wood that will hardly burn and when it does so, with great pollution. Green wood is dirty firewood.

A friend and Locals reader in Michigan sent the attached photo and message:

Germany and other countries appear to be deforesting Europe faster than the rainforests ever were.  The Greens are raping European ecosystems for wood that will hardly burn and when it does so, with great pollution

Your post on firewood is interesting to me as that is the only way I heat my house (and hot water) in winter. I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where we see temperatures of -20 every winter (sometimes colder) but hovering around zero most days. I heat a house that is about 2000 sq feet and a garage/shop that is about the same. The garage is kept at about 55 all winter and the house is kept at about 72 all winter. I typically burn through 10 pulp cord every winter but during a cold winter I can go through 15 pulp cord. For reference 10 pulp cord is a log truck load of 8 foot logs. I then cut and split the wood. The wood I burn is well seasoned hardwood. Green wood does not give the BTU’s of seasoned wood. Softwood is not great to burn for firewood either as it burns too fast. I burn in a wood boiler which then pumps water through pex to sub floor heating. Wood boilers are MUCH more efficient than a revitalized fireplace. Trying to heat with fireplaces is extremely inefficient and means much more wood will be consumed. Germany is going to consume massive amounts of wood and much of the BTU’s of the wood will be wasted. A fireplace is very a inefficient way to heat. Wood burning stove or wood boiler are much more efficient at using the BTU’s of the wood. Burning green wood is wasteful.”

You’ve probably wondered why Jews and others willingly boarded trains and were shipped off to concentration camps and were evaporated through chimneys without a fight.

And there is the saying, “Never again.

It’s a bullshit saying.


Most of Europe and Israel lined up for the death jabs. And nobody is overthrowing their governments now BEFORE famine strikes.

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  1. Masonry stoves are thrifty on wood use and provide heat through the thermal mass of the stoves. Also check out rocket stoves (book of the same name) — can be made cheaply and relatively quickly with found & natural materials. Thermal mass holds the heat, and it uses sticks and the kind of wood usually used for kindling.

  2. The homes I knew in Germany (late 60s) used wood boilers for heat.

  3. I live in northern Maine, and we use Amish wood stoves to heat our homes; we use 12 cords for one large farmhouse and one small bunkhouse. You can use hardwood after aging for 6 months, but we wait 18 months. Someone did the math, and even sparsely populated Maine could not heat all the homes in Maine with our abundant wood; we would clean out the forests in no time. Europe is very populated; it won’t work. These are crazy times.

  4. Germans used wood gasifiers for internal combustion engines during WW2.

    • Yes, I’ve seen some information on these types of stoves and they increase efficiency greatly

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