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Darien Gap Now

09 May 2022
Darien Gap —Epic jungle

I transmitted three messages yesterday— I do have intermittent COMMS in Darien Gap:
— msg traffic—
Made it to PUERTO OBALDIA on a charter flight. Total flight 2k USD if pilot shows up Tuesday to pick us up from Obaldia. From Puerto Obaldia rented a boat to Kuna Indian village called Armilo.  Armilo is jump off point from the Atlantic coast. Kuna Indians have a rough reputation but they were very good to us. Kuna Indians will not like migrants into their villages due to theft and other issues. The village chief said the migrants can rest briefly outside the village but must keep moving. The Chief showed me all kinds of jungle medicines including two types of jungle viagra. His children broke out laughing. 338 children in the village out of a 1,000 population.

The Village seemed very happy.

Maybe because kids are running around everywhere.

Very well mannered. We saw one “moon child” albino. They said this is a great fortune to be born albino. Viagra village chief said someone just got killed on the Colombia side of the border and so the Colombia side closed the border yesterday. He did not know details. We learned something important will say later I must go just now.

Earlier today at Armilo village, we asked the chief for coyotes who can take Americans through. Chief said very dangerous even with a guide. But Chief and number three man arranged a meeting with two coyotes. Coyotes are willing to try but said being with them is no guarantee — the path is very dangerous and difficult, and many robbers in the jungle and they kill people.

I told coyotes they can make double money – the other half paid on the other side — if they can get an American through alive. Coyotes laughed but want to talk about it. Sea was getting rough so we had to boat away from Armilo village back to Puerto Obaldia.

During the flight in today, I had the pilot circle Canaan village several times, and the up Rio Membrillo.

We found a doctor in Armilo village who said dengue, malaria, and other joys are endemic. He does not have enough hydroxychloroquine for the malaria. I made a video of all his medicines, and the solar-powered vaccine fridge. He said the entire village got Pfizer. Doctor said many in Armilo go sick and many deaths — about 1 per day for a time. Tomorrow I will ask to look at records for specific numbers.

Panama did a mass vaccination program and saturated villages across the land.

I got the doctor’s number (Diane?), and the coyotes if anyone feeling lucky about crossing Darien Gap.

Senafront in Puerto Obaldia said the Colombia-Panama border closure is from a Colombian cartel. Cartel leader extradited to USA spurred a cartel to close the border. (A cartel can shut the border but OGUS does not.)
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