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Darien Gap to PanAm Highway — trail of tears

Panama City

I left the Darien jungle yesterday. Back in Panama City. Dangerous roads and traffic. Barely avoided what was almost likely a fatal car crash. After all that Darien jungle…it’s the traffic.

The Darien Gap. I was out there. Many videos and photos. No time to publish much at the moment though I have done multiple CBS interviews with John Batchelor, and did another on War Room this morning, and some others offline. Briefing some elected officials, etc. Will go on with Frank Gaffney next Tuesday morning. Flying to Los Angeles this weekend — am needed for a documentary. I will use that time to head down to Mexican border.

My original plan was to fly to Tapachula, but delays in Darien Gap and the sudden documentary request caused me to nix Tapachula for now. Tapachula is a vital migrant crossing at Mexico-Guatemala.

I have much to say and vital videos I want you to see. Am about to throw down $9,000 USD for upgraded computer and sat-gear so that I don’t lose contact in jungle. (My sat gear is in Thailand. Need upgrade.) New gear will increase my output. Seeing so much out here.

I found this pregnant lady on the ground. She appeared in bad condition. Other migrants just walking around her. I came up and talked to her. No response. I touched her leg. No response. She was alive, but down. I shook her leg. She could barely open her eyes. This is sickening. Especially out where there is little I can do other than tell others, which I did. This was Darien Province.

She is in hands of Panamanian authorities. They do feed, shelter, and provide medical care.

Am seeing so much.

Some Embera Indians coming to see me in Panama City. Got to go. More later.

Thank you for all financial help. This is expensive and increasingly dangerous. Darien Gap is serious territory. Many migrants on my videos warning about what they just went through. Those who survived.

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