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Das Jab

Mind-dump sans-edit
From Colorado, up high

We all know many family and friends who took the untested gene-therapy, or another untested product. Most likely were tricked by very sophisticated tricksters playing trust games. These are highly sophisticated people running sophisticated organizations that were formed before they were born. Like joining a Navy that’s efficient.

The operators are far more skilled than most government employees. The massive organizations are lean, honed by market pressures. They are richer and more sophisticated than the government and therefore control the government, more or less. We all know this.

And so many who took the jab were tricked by Casinos that study every tiny habit to encourage behaviors they want, and discourage inconvenient behaviors.

Tens of millions or far more were just outright tricked in a stacked game. Very smart people were tricked with the help of fraudsters like Sanjay Gupta, and the ship he sails on, the USS CNN. A small cruiser that cruises around American firing inland and doing much damage. But at the end of the day, a small cruiser with headquarters in downtown Atlanta.

I was there at CNN HQ in late 2020. I did not go inside. The streets around are dangerous and dirty day and night. Filthy place to live.

These tricksters may, in the end, be share responsibility for millions of deaths, families ruined for a generation, or more.

Other victims of the jab were and are being coerced. Raped. Call it what it is. Worse than rape in that this can lead to enormous personal and global catastrophe, and indicators increasingly are pointing to various medical catastrophes unfolding in Biblical scale — without exaggeration. ADE appears to be a done deal. And it appears some of the untested gene-therapies jabbed into even young children may be causing a form of AIDs. Time will tell.

Menstrual cycles are disrupted. The Profit Machine says there are no fertility issues. But then the Profit Machine is honed to do and say that which creates profit.

The Profit Machine is not a living being but a heartless beast. “Organizational structure dictates outcome.” Years ago, I read 10 or 12 books by an attorney Gerry Spence from Wyoming. Mr. Spence warned about all this. Many times. You will not waste a moment of precious time reading or listening to Mr. Spence.

Time is precious.

The far-end of the spectrum are not those innocent friends and family members who were tricked, or who were raped by coercion, SEALs are being raped now and fighting back. Some of them. Others are just robots. The far end is the VaxKult.

You will never waste a moment of your precious time studying math, physics, or cults. Every second you invest studying cults will be returned immediately, and then with perpetual interest.

I first started studying cults more formerly when old Green Berets would mention the importance. But we all study cults and everyone reading this already knows a great deal about cults. It helps to have someone come in to help organize disparate experiences and knowledge. You will never see the cult you are in.

Cults — this is a big, fascinating topic. Many of the VaxKultists can be easily identified. They demand we going them. They threaten and will kill us. They already are killing people. We’ve all seen much evidence of medical treatment withheld from those who do not join the cult.

This talk of cults could go for many pages. Suffice that we are in an epic information war.

Culting in all about information war.

The lessons are very old.

Cult leaders such as Fauci and Jim Jones did not invent the techniques any more than a modern painter invented pain, brush, and canvas. Those things were already ‘perfected’ centuries ago. Fauci, Jim Jones, CNN, millions more — practice the Dark Arts. Some are local with a Cult of One. Other grow to Hitler-size. And they create or nurture organizational structures that perpetuate the cult.

Cults are like viruses that compete against one another for dominance. Every second invested in studying cults is a second invested in studying information war, and survival.

Now please join my cult. Block all website but mine.

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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  1. Regards brother. Written so well with the Fauci (who’s name means SICKLE which he does so well in the harvesting of the dead) and Jim Jones, trust me children that was used by him all the time.
    Remember this Jehovah Heals but Fauci kills.

  2. Thank You Michael Yon. I have been following you for a little over a year and love your work. God Bless. So happy to see your website up. Will keep following and learning and spreading the knowledge. Thank You!!!

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