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Derivatives and Spinoffs — Thanks to You

04 September 2022
Somewhere, Netherlands
Mind dump
The famous F1 race will roar today, not far away. I would not want to be near one of the cars in case the driver has been jabbed.
The party marches forward while the lights go out. Am sitting in the sunlight enjoying a perfect-weather day. Enjoying the last few months, the final few months Europe will enjoy for at least a generation.
Soon comes the end of a smug arrogance that can only grow in the darkness of deep ignorance. It did not have to be this way.
A kult of arrogance.
A pretentious mark covers the land with death. Windmills. The whirling monsters scar beautiful landscapes across Europe and America. Each of these Grid Monsters is Mark of the Beast.
The death kult groomed a young Swedish girl. Groomed her into an ignorant actress. She was practically kidnapped and trained for the circus until she could deliver Maximum Arrogance “How dare you!” How dare you!
A vast swath of mainstream ‘journalists’ are actors groomed to act the part of journalists. The power of kult and self-delusion is so powerful they may actually believe they are journalists.
But real journalists and real scientists do not make conference calls and email chains to stay on message. Real journalists and real scientists do not all drink from the same Broadstreet Pump. They fan out across their towns, states, countries, and continents. The real ones are so rare today that they seem almost weird, an aberration.
One moment for a distraction. A horse is clopping by me now. This is horse country. Thus fly country. At least a half-dozen sorts of birds are making their own calls.
So-called journalists all delivering the same words are mere Slaves of The Beast.
Only following orders. As slaves and robots do. The only kult you’ll never see is the kult you are in.
I do my best to pollute their muddy streams with truth as I can find it.
Panning for truth is panning for gold flakes. You gotta go to the river and work. The more you work the more sparkles you find.
Dr. Jordan Peterson asked me to help find a Dutch farmer he could talk with. I had already found many, so that part was easy.
And I asked this farmer to make a video. His name is Jeroen van Maanen, Dutch Dairy Farmer, and protest leader, in Zeewolde. Jeroen made an excellent video touching on the important points, which I forwarded to Dr. Jordan Peterson.
And the video was seen by millions. Just like that. We polluted The Beast’s muddy stream of deception with sparkling golden flakes of ground realities that can only be found by going there and working.
And so it comes full circle. Last night a Texan friend sent this link from comedian JP Sears. I’ve seen many of JP’s videos. He has a special way.

You’ve seen me mention many times that you often see my work but have no idea where the golden nuggets came from. My work — all reader supported to avoid the clutches of The Beast — hits millions of eyes and ears every week if not every day. I learned from old smart people and the best military officers and NCOs that if you can recuse yourself into the shadows, put your ego into storage, or at least feed it behind the scenes, you can get a lot more done.
This is also how The Beast mostly operates. Martial arts are martial arts. For good or bad. The tactics and techniques are similar.
Thank you for your support.

You see it here in action, though JP Sears almost certainly does not know that this started with supporters, funneled through my keyboard, to the farmer, to Dr. Jordan Peterson, to JP Sears, and beyond.

We make many successes. The Beast surely would have defeated us by now if not for the Growing Resistance. The Beast is afraid. Witness the Beast speaking through the puppet Biden when Biden’s mouth threatened a huge swath of Americans with our own weapons such as F-15s
Thank you for smashing the support buttons and smashing them hard. The more the economies collapse the more expensive this becomes:
And see the results day-by-day:
Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

Delivering accurate information is not Free. Your support makes it possible.

Your gifts ensure that you will continue to get unfiltered reports of what’s happening on the front lines of this fight for freedom. This will be a long journey. The struggle is just beginning. I am asking you for your support. Thank you.


  1. Mike, you are a treasure and from one ex service member to another, you and humanity have my full support against these globalist monsters.

  2. Thanks Michael, from a retired Army guy and old Bartow guy. Truth is all that matters today except for my family and my God. Keep seeking.

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