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PanFaWar Classic:

How many thousands of times have I warned since January 2020 to stock up on food and other essentials? Start the bidding at 2,000 warnings over about 26 months. I’ve learned a great deal over the years in more than 80 countries, high and low, desert and jungle, war and peace. One of the most important is that scientists and economists can get left behind by historians. While some talk about currency, interest rates, and stock markets — there are patterns that transcend all this and require no mathematics or wizardry bullshit.

Serious people put things in writing for all to audit with the passage of time.

PanFaWar and “vaccine” catastrophe were all predictable by just reading books by the kilo. Do not need meta-studies (well, bulk history arguably is meta-study), graphs, hockey sticks, or any of that. Just follow the history. History shows an amazingly clear pattern of herds rushing into fires, over cliffs, and mega-scams costing incredible numbers of lives.

Pandemic with a Thousand Faces. There is an archetype.

Back during my cannibal hunting days — a glorious period wading through tons of books and manhunting in India and beyond — I would read Levi-Strauss the Asckenazi big brain and his own meta on folktales. Joseph Campbell of course. All his books. Vladimir Propp on the Morphology of Folktales, and all that. Dozens and dozens of books. And then over the years about 60 books on pandemics, another 15 on famine, and hundreds on war.

There are patterns.

Nobody needed to wait to know the “vaccines” would explode. Nobody needed to wait two years to start seeing the reality of PanFaWar. Especially so when social arsonists are feeding accelerants into the blaze they started. Some people still call the global genocide idea “conspiracy theory.” They are wrong. They may pay with their lives.

As for rushed and scam remedies, just read a couple of dozen books on pandemics. Patterns will undress. Nobody who read much on pandemic would have rushed into a marked minefield. Then BOOM! Even while some are already yearning for a fourth stick. It’s all in the books written by old people. Wise men try not to learn by their own mistakes.

And now PanFaWar.

Famines are coming. Massive migrations will occur. Our borders will be overrun because we are under attack from within, and HOP: Human Osmotic Pressure.

A “global reset” is in full swing. A global genocide is unfolding. The signs could not be clearer. Ukraine is nothing on the scale of what is unfolding. That said, Ukraine and Russia are an ideal battleground for many reasons such as the increased strike on food, fertilizer, and fuel supplies. Also, the Dictator Putin has been resisting the New World Order.

Zelensky is nothing more than an actress. A pretty boy toy. Playing a leading actress part in a larger tale. If Zelensky grows a will of his own, he’ll be slapped off the stage. Likewise with Trudeau the man-boy. Just an actress installed above his capacity, other than as the leading lady of Canada.

Stuffed sausages:

Biden, Harris, and Pelosi. We see. They are unfit as dog sitters.

Harris — a gerbil ate her little brain and lives in her empty head operating her arms and legs. If you look closely into Harris’s eyes, you can see the Gerbil looking through her eyes trying to operate the controls. Its little hands are too small for the levers. Keeps hitting the crazy-laugh-button. Pelosi’s Gerbil ate her drunken brain and now the Gerbil is drunk and it keeps flinging her hands around. Biden’s Gerbil sits in his head watching Cornpop reruns. These people all are placeholders. Nothing more than set pieces in someone else’s game.

But here is the spot where reality lands with a thud and explosion: Fuel, food, no real leadership in any western country — FAMINE.

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  1. Reagan, the greatest modern president, was “merely an actor”.

    I pray that Zelensky may follow in his steps and be a greater leader than anyone (including me) ever expected.

    The idiot trudeau, proves how damning it can be to believe that actors routinely make for decent leaders / political figures.

  2. Many are echoing your belief that Zelenskyy is just a pawn. But I wonder if Russia’s invasion is because Z refused to assume the position. “The fight is here; I need ammunition, not a ride” rather caught the attention of the world! No doubt Ukraine has been the pawn of a lot of kleptocrats. No telling what it will be on the other side of this.

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