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Dispatch 16: Return to America: History is Today

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Busy here in Portland. I’ve been moving back and forth between Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington. Learning much talking with everyone under the sky.

Interesting aside on guns: Gun and ammunition sales have skyrocketed. You know that, of course. Many first-time gun buyers seem to have gunned-up, and my guess is there are plenty of accidents. Play with chainsaws…better go to chainsaw school.

But that is not the point of bringing this up: It appears that many people are stocking up on guns not to defend themselves from the likes of Antifa or Ku Klux Klan, but to help them. More on that later.

I’ve been meeting veterans, law enforcement at local and federal levels, business people. Young people. Retired. And so on and so forth.

1) CCP Virus does not seem like a high priority. Practically everyone I meet wants to open up. Of course, if they don’t want to open up, I probably am not meeting them because they are in a basement. (I agree with the Open crowd. We must open up and accept our casualties and save the economy. Our Grandparents suffered far worse and did fine, more or less.)

2) Most people I meet seem to believe we are heading into civil war. Others believe this all is hype. But clearly most are preparing for a rough November and a rougher 2021. My view: 2020 has been interesting — but 2020 only a warmup for a more serious 2021.

3) Every time I say, “But despite all this, we still live in the best era mankind ever has seen.” When I say this, every single person has agreed. Try it and please comment what people tell you. Despite some major setbacks this year, our Grandparents suffered 10x worse and STILL kept building America.

I’ve got to get four hours sleep now as I must serve as an expert witness this morning on some Hong Kong issues, and later today will be on the John Batchelor show with Gordon Chang.

In closing, regarding the miscreants such as Antifa and Ku Klux Klan: my friend Al Johnson found these papers from U.S. Grant, former Army General, and President. Notice that even in 1879, Grant describes the communists — and uses the word Communists — and other troublemakers as if Grant wrote these words today:

From U.S. Grant, 1879:

There will be no Executive who will not do all he can to protect the people, . . . The opposition . . .comes from various causes. There is a class of thriftless, discontented adventurers, agitators and communists, who do not work themselves and go about sowing discontent among honest workingmen. This class is always ready for trouble, and of course, as soon as there is trouble the criminal class asserts itself.

This class always has a grievance over which to fight and disturb society . . . in all large nations, the turbulent class can give trouble. What they want is trouble. The pretext is nothing.

Then we have demagogues in politics – men who know better, but who always seek advancement by pandering to this class. I attribute the worst features of the … agitation . . . to this class, the agitators and the communists, men who believe that nothing is right that is orderly and legal, and the criminal classes.” Ulysses S. Grant Conversation with Li Hung-chang. Tientsin, June 12-14, 1879.(1)

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