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Dispatch 19: Portland Now — ANTIFA may attack ICE tonight, and I’ve been talking with Proud Boys leadership all evening

America sure has changed since last time I was home. Marijuana stores all over the place. Loads of communists, and people who imagine Nazis spreading by cough and sneeze.

ANTIFA at this time is preparing to possibly attack the ICE building. I got the word by message while sitting with top four Proud Boy leaders in Portland. ANTIFA are out there right now. Proud Boys leaders were drinking beer with me. Though I haven’t had a beer in years, so I was having water.

Meanwhile, nearly everyone I meet in Portland and next door in Vancouver are very polite, pleasant people. Sharp dichotomy between highly civilized people and chaos-makers.

Proud Boys lived up to their reputation of being a beer drinking club with a political habit. They did not come across as racists, or anti-law enforcement. The four Proud Boy leaders at the table tonight — including the President and his VP — seem pro-law enforcement but frustrated that citizens are left to fend for themselves against no-rules Antifa.

The Proud Boys tonight seem pro-BLM for the advertised intent of Black Lives Matter, but turned against the specific elements who took to violence. The Portland Proud Boys I spent four hours with tonight seem more interested in drinking beer and going back to quieter days. They are worried about civil war after elections.

Importantly, Proud Boys are but one of many unrelated formations which they say are growing. Some, they say, are true militias.

Bottom line: US Government losing credibility. War-makers like Antifa do not respect America or the government. Meanwhile, reactionary groups like Proud Boys formed because groups like ANTIFA threaten their towns. Government stands back while ANTIFA terrorizes locals and destroys property.

I’ve got to shut down. It’s after midnight and there are several interviews tomorrow including with John Batchelor and Gordon Chang, a Japanese publication, and some sources here.

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