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Dispatch 20: Return to America — Portland falling. Continue to prepare for 2021

One night, I was sitting by the Pioneer Courthouse watching Antifa battle with police, when a man pushing a cart walked by. His face was completely painted green. This was about midnight, but with plenty of light to see his face. Green Face walked down the sidewalk just by me singing, “I love Satan.” “I love Satan.” “I love Satan.” He kept singing this until he disappeared. Even if Antifa did not exist, this place would feel very dangerous.

Murder rate and violent crime are soaring. Some of this from gang violence that now is left mostly unchecked over than cleanup. Portland Police are now so understaffed that their forces are down by roughly 1/3.

Any business person knows how this adds up: Big-time over-time during a pandemic-economy, trade fights with hostile China, and a rapidly collapsing tax base.

About 118 Police have departed Seattle PD so far this year. It’s just as bad here in Portland with another mass-retirement schedule for January. Already, Portland PD is so understaffed that daytime shift are skeleton crews. Numerous officers have told me other departments are poaching away trained officers with bonuses.

High chance that only weeks from now Portland will elect an openly communist mayor who is openly Antifa. She says clearly she will work to defund the police.

At this rate, how long before ANTIFA are the police?

Many people who never have been to the West Coast seem quick to right off California, Oregon, and Washington. But having spent about two years out here, and back again, it is clear that the incredible West Coast is filled with millions of serious patriots who are simply outnumbered, or at least politically outflanked. These are our people. Do not just turn backs on Americans under siege.

I’ve been physically present as eyewitness watching BLM/ANTIFA calling publicly for mass genocide against whites, and mass arson. The words were this clear. Over loudspeaker. Downtown by the park. In front to the Federal building now under siege roughly four months. No euphemism. No mealy words. Just straight talk about mass murder and Genghis Khan-style conquering. Screaming for all the world to hear in front of media. Are you seeing this reported on CNN? The media was there. I was there.

Do not write off Portland and the West Coast. This is America. It’s ours. We need help out here. This place will go bankrupt, for starters. Law enforcement needs support.

I will be out in the events for next couple days, then head to Seattle to continue to build network, then back to Portland for last voting day.

Hello Washington DC. This is no drill.

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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