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Dispatch 24: Return to America: Drugs, Drugs, Homeless, Drugs


The Proud Boys numbering 40-50 (including many women) marched to the Governor’s Mansion. The police know that Proud Boys are no trouble and only about six officers showed up. Many local and Feds have told me they don’t worry about Proud Boys.

After our time talking with Proud Boys today, we drove three hours from Salem, Oregon to Lacey, Washington.

Al Johnson and I had plenty of time to talk. We’ve both travelled America, travelled the world, been to war, and more. I’ve attended Al’s counter-terrorism training in Thailand and Indonesia. We been downrange checking out the global neighborhood.

Drugs. America is going insane with these drugs. I’ve only been back less than a month and the drug addicts and homeless camps pop out more than even the riots.

Al Johnson and I have drifted from merely anti-drug to very pro doing-something-about-this.

This drug problem in America is of epic proportion. I’ve not seen anything like this in Asia or Middle East. Or even in America until now. I spent six years in Europe and never saw it this bad.

These drugs are destroying a lot of people and places. I am no longer ambivalent on the war on drugs. This will make a lot of people angry but I know what I am seeing. These drugs are poisoning our country. China went through this with the Opium Wars and this devastated China. Now China ships drugs the world ’round.

I no longer buy any idea that a war on drugs is bad. These American streets are littered with people who do not bathe and who crap everywhere. They live on the sides of major highways. I even saw one camp in a medium a few weeks back.

This is wrong, America. We are watching people rot in the streets.


Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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