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Dispatch 29: Lacey, Washington — corner support, and Presidential Debates

Six local people gathered today the four corners of Marvin Road and College. The peacefully waved support banners for two hours from 1500-1700. I went with my friend who is a 79 year-old retired Soldier.

Over the two hours were stood there, hundreds of people beeped horns, shouted support, or gave supportive smiles or hand gestures. Of the hundreds who made some sort of overt acknowledgment, no more than 5% were anti-Trump, including one guy hanging out the door over the rooftop with his pants sagging gangster-style.

To say it more clearly, I will make these guesses:

Of all the vehicles who drove by, roughly 25% made some form of obvious acknowledgment. Of those 25%, my estimate is more than 95% were pro-Trump, with fewer than 5% anti.

This is especially significant by the fact that we were just a couple of miles from Olympia. “The Belly of the Beast.” This is a liberal stronghold, by far, yet there was serious Trump support from random passersby.

Of the six people waving banners, two were man and wife. The husband is a Minister.
They invited us to their home to watch the debate between Trump and Biden. We happily accepted, and there had a fine dinner while watching Trump and Biden go at it. I had plenty to eat because my friend is on keto. I ate all his food, and desert. And I am not kidding. (He lost 60lbs on keto.)

We spent hours talking today, and tonight over dinner. Much education coming about local thoughts and feelings.

The debate moderator, Kristen Welker, is lightyears better than Chris Wallace from the last debate. Kristin was professional. Unlike Wallace. Kristen kept both Trump and Biden on better manners. Wallace helped created and enflame a zoo spectacle and he was openly biased. Kristen kept it under control and she was fair.

My view was that Trump won by a landslide. This might be my bias skewing what I saw. My mind is made up after seeing all the arson this year, and fear-mongering.

I strongly believe President Trump will win this election. Even factoring far back for my bias, am not seeing Biden win.

Something is wrong with these polls. I don’t know what. But something.

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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