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Dispatch 31: Street Battles Philadelphia — prepare for November and beyond


America may soon face images of a police force scattered. Routed. Overrun. Black Hawk Down.

General uprising shatters illusion of control. Organization crumbles.

Police abandon units. Gear. Stations. Towns. Jails. These cascades happen in a matter of hours.

News agencies overrun.

Social media re-doubles censorship.

Militias swell.

Food stores and distribution crumbles. Delivery trucks refuse to travel dangerous roads.

Exodus. Previously peaceful areas wake up to streets and parking lots full of people escaping chaos. Hotels abandoned by staff and overrun.

Predictable cascade. As with earthquakes, storms, avalanches — specifics are unpredictable, but the schema of energy release follows predictable general patterns.

Details chaotic and seriously affected by things like ice-storms that close roads, or a union strike for higher wages and security convoys to deliver to combat zones.

Post Offices close. Ballots undelivered. Polling stations closed. Election results labeled illegitimate.

Conflict sandblasts away the illusion of predictability and control.

Mayors, City Councils, all meaningless without police. Courts close. Blackouts, faucets dry, toilets don’t flush.

Consider buying ham radios, scanners, and maps that do not require GPS.

I will be diving into this coast-to-coast.

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