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Dispatch 36: Portland Peril


Washington, D.C.

I am currently in Washington, D.C. — my thoughts are back on Portland, Oregon.

The decision to fly to DC for the final voting was not easy. Portland was my first stop on return to America due to the volatility and that Portland is a breeding ground for lethal extremism.

The likely victor in the mayoral race in the coming election is Sarah Iannarone, aka Sarah Antifa. She is openly communist, supports ANTIFA violence, and plans to reduce the already stressed Portland Police Department. I’ve seen this same group downtown shouting on a megaphone in front of a crowd that they will commit white genocide and mass arson. This was said with clear words in front of journalists who refuse to publish clear, loud, repeated calls for terrorism and genocide. Maybe the journalists fear for their lives. Do not want their homes and publishers burned down. Or just agree with those calling for genocide. After all — the first thing communists do is take over or get jobs with press — and run for office.



Keep your eyes on Portland.

Meanwhile, I will be Washington DC having flown in from Washington State. Much of the downtown is boarded up and closed. Like Portland. Very much like Portland.

Getting very chilly and windy here in DC. Luckily, I bought great snivel gear at Cabella’s back in Washington State.


Please support the freedom of speech by supporting me to support us:

This will start getting expensive as I will move to downtown hotel soon. Soon, I will make a fundraiser to invest in a mobile media platform/RV. About $240,000. Already $35k pledged before having done the fundraiser, so we already about 15% there. Very much need this for various reasons — one being safety. Last hotel I stayed in Lacey, Washington — checked out yesterday — they recognized me. This was just a stroll from where the ANTIFA guy, Reinoehl, was killed recently. This was the ANTIFA who assassinated in cold blood the Patriot Prayer member, Aaron “Jay” Danielson, in Portland. Just down the road from the hotel I stayed in Portland.

Luckily they were “Michael friendly” and I was not doxed. Cannot continue like this. I am too well known.

Please share my updates, and support if you can. But don’t worry. My work always has been free and not behind paywalls. If we go into war, I need to be mobile and relatively safe, and for this I need help. But my dispatches will be free.

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