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Dispatch 4: Return to America: Ammo at Cabela’s, and more observations

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A friend and I spent the afternoon of my third day back in America tooling around Vancouver, and into northern Oregon.

In the outlying areas, if I did not already know there is a ‘hurricane,’ I would not have sensed anything off other than tiny clues.

It’s been years since I was in Portland/Vancouver. I have no baseline. I’ve lived a couple years on the West Coast. School here twice such as in San Francisco, and so I am familiar with the vibe and I always loved West Coast in general — other than some obvious ‘anomalies’. (This also is old stomping ground of Gary the Cannibal whom I tracked down in India.)

So far, my impression when not stepping into dystopian Portland: other than homeless— some even living in median of major highway— the outlying areas seemed normal.

This feels like Normal America other than Portland. No feel of war and not covered with homeless trashing the place.
But downtown Portland looks and feels like alien invasion.

Not seeing homeless in some of the outlying areas. Feels normal. Clean. Feels safe. Feels happy. Or maybe it’s just I am happy to be home.

But. Portland. Unsafe. Feels uncivilized. Diseased. Not America. At least not the America our ancestors struggled for and left behind. Portland bad. You can still sense the strong heartbeat of America in Portland wishing to be set free from insanity.

Outlying areas: We shopped in a WalMart, CostCo, and Cabela’s. I needed a charger that I lost in Hong Kong after the communists kicked me out. Hong Kong was one of the finest places on earth until the Communists stole it. I feel that vibe in Portland, though Hong Kong is far more civilized than downtown Portland.
Hong Kong is a highly civilized invaded by communists.

Portland rots from within.

Portand: where civilization and dystopia collide.

It’s not full dystopia. Not fully civilized. Portland is brackish and tidal. Tide is going out. This must be reversed.

Speaking of Communists and Hong Kong, please listen to my yesterday interview with John Batchelor and Gordon Chang:

If you’ve not ventured much abroad to bad countries, you may not realize the heaven you live in. THIS IS HEAVEN. Other than places like Portland.

I know, I know…a lot of my fellow Southerners think the West Coast is Dantes Inferno, but you don’t know what you are talking about. It’s really as great here as out East or in the Middle. Just come look at the other parts not Portland, Seattle, etc., and other wannabe-hells.

Yesterday, I bought a Starbuck’s coffee in Oregon, having left my coffee hand-grinder in Thailand. The purple headed barista complimented my mask. Felt genuinely welcome. Not just Starbuck’s smile. I could at least see her eyes smile. She complimented my mask. Nearly everyone wearing masks. Fake smiles come from the mouth. Real smiles come from the eyes. All the Smile-ologists know this.

Masks will not disguise a smile, fake or real. You only need see the eyes. This period of masks is a good time to study eyes.

What’s with all the purple heads? Not saying something bad, just noticing. The purple heads have been friendly.

I got a coat in Cabela’s. Left all my cold gear in Thailand. I do miss Thailand already but I do love being home.

Rather than ship gear to America, makes more sense to re-outfit in America. So, Cabela’s.

Been a long time since I last stepped in Cabela’s. I think in Kansas. Shopping heaven. You have no idea until you leave America, or Japan, or some place like this. Cherish your time.

The greeter at Cabela’s said there is no shortage of ammo. Said they did not raise any prices. The ammo comes by the truckload. Customers clean the shelves when it comes in. Supply lines are open but folks gobble 9mm and high demand ammo. He said customers come in, see the ammo, message their friends, and it’s gone.

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There were many rifles but not many tactical types. Saw one that appeared to be .50 cal like a Barrett M82 but I did not ask.

I asked for tactical shotguns and he said no way. No Glocks. Some pistols but most of the 9mm gone. There were Kimber .45, some revolvers and .22s, including one of my favorite the .22 Buckmark. I’ve shot those things silly.

Food at CostCo and Walmart looked fully stocked but I have no baseline to know if something is missing. The place looked full. Corporate would know.

Moving from on the ground to the internet, we see Proud Boys and ANTIFA facing off. (We did see some minor pro-police rally in Portland two days ago.)IMG 2530

I’ve got to cut this short due to day starting. My apologies for unedited string of conciousness but I can convey more faster if we keep it informal.

Many people asking about supporting my work with Recurring on PayPal. This works:

Thank you! Because I need it and must buy everything from boots to vehicle. Ground up.

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