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Dispatch 41: War Words: “Frankly, we did win this election.”

Yesterday I started in Alexandria, Virginia, with my friend COL(ret) Erik Peterson, USMC. Erik voted in Old Town. I voted earlier by mail

Erik and I first met in Afghanistan. Now we are tooling around DC in the midst of Antifa/BLM. Our world is strange like that.

Now is 0301 on 04 Nov 2020. The election is far from over. Not even close.

And so, Joe Biden came on television hinting that Joe had won.

Not to be out done, President Trump tweeted about fraud.

Again, not to be outdone, Jack Dorsey deleted the President’s tweet.

It matters not if publisher Jack Dorsey personally deletes Trump tweets. Jack is in charge. The tweet was deleted. Jack, as publisher and editor-in-chief, is responsible.

Again, not to be out done, President Trump came on television saying, “Frankly, we did win this election.” The election is far from over.

As we steam toward the nearest iceberg, we have Captains Biden, Dorsey, and Trump, grabbing for the wheel.

This moment is the most dangerous time in America in my life.

Tonight, never th White House, Erik and I walked around with ANTIFA/BLM and saw them with baseball bats. Just by the White House, at “Black Lives Matter Plaza.” As the night droned on, the circus atmosphere filled a tiny speck of Washington, but the many dozens of journalists surely spread this around the world. There were a few scuffles, and angry words. This is nothing compared to what might unfold. On the scale of the real potential danger, BLM/ANTIFA blow flies in a vast jungle.

We will have a real fight for the Presidency with accusations of coup-making, election fraud, and counter-accusations of despotic hijacking. A 1.2 million-megawatt electro-magnet just cranked up to cause the greatest polarization ever.

Media credibility never has been lower. US Government credibility is shattered. Many States cannot even run a competent election — but they sure can run lotteries and tax offices.

I sit here still at now 0330, just near the White House, listening to media talking heads chew tree bark after having peddled bullshit-polls for years.

I will stay in Washington, D.C. for an undetermined length of time. If coup-makers shut down the city, I will stay within the siege area.

We do not trust media.

We can complain about this, or be American and fix it ourselves.

Please support my work. My next major item is a mobile communications RV that I will use to travel 49 States. Hawaii still requires flights. The RV will have the ability to make high quality live streams.

This vehicle will cost about $240,000. A speck of a speck considering what it will help produce, and what is at stake. Everything.

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