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Dispatch 44: Return to America: THE MATRIX — Back in Washington, D.C.

Am sitting just near the White House at the Black Lives Matter Plaza. Ghost town—skeleton crew of ‘protestors.’ Last night, peak here was maybe a few hundred, including press.

BLM Plaza is a sort of media stage.

International media here with camera crews, big dish-trucks, tripods, suits, ties, heels, the works.

Some journalists here appear to be single agents. Using camera phones, or other tiny cameras. Similar in Portland.

In larger context, this is normal stage-craft. You will see nearly same in places like Thailand, Hong Kong, more. The Matrix. A tiny number of ‘protestors’ in front of an equal number of cameras reach global proportion.

None of the protests I have seen in America so far this year are even a tiny fraction of the magnitude one sees in Thailand or Hong Kong. A protest with 300 people in Hong Kong or Thailand can be hardly worth the energy to tweet. 3,000 is tiny. 30,000 is healthy. 300,000 is big. Sometimes are much larger.

My return to America so far:

1) Landed at SEATAC and concentrated on Portland/Vancouver, and Lacey for more than one month. Spent time with BLM, ANTIFA, Proud Boys, and others. Worked mostly on building my network.

2) Virginia/Washington D.C. for elections—several days at Black Lives Matter/ANTIFA protests. These are very dangerous.

3) Drove to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for the “Stop the Steal” protest on the capital steps. (Harrisburg is capital of Pennsylvania.) Attended two protest in Harrisburg. Both were pro-Trump. That was the only day of my life I wore a Trump hat. Never did before, and likely never will again, but I did so for a few hours due to our elections being so broken that I am very concerned we will go to profound civil war.

4) Departed Harrisburg for Philadelphia, former capital of United States. (Philadelphia was capital while Washington, D.C., was being prepared as capital.)

4.1) Announcement made by press that Biden won and so many people beeping horns in Philadelphia. Maybe they think this is over. Reality check: the election part is in Round 13 of a 15 Round Rocky fight. The election is far from over. The Matrix says the election is over but The Matrix also is plugged into a generator and might be unplugged soon. Unknown at this time.

5) I attended two protests in Philadelphia— then drove back to D.C. yesterday. Along the way, saw pro-Trump convoy of at least 200 vehicles. I believe the convoy was longer but did not see the tail end. I do not know how far back the convoy extended.

6) Along the way from Philadelphia to D.C., stopped at Drexel Hill and had brunch at Tank & Libby’s. Highly recommend it, but hour-long wait. Worth it.

7) Now back in D.C. for more marathon meetings.

My bottom line impressions so far: this is a Color Revolution.

Presidential election is not THE goal, but a goal in a much larger plan. The confusion phase we currently are witnessing is to plant and fertilize mistrust/distrust, suspicion, and create widespread impression the government is illegitimate.

Focus on this — you’ve heard me say this many times over the years. I said it often last year while in Hong Kong: Create widespread impression the government is illegitimate.

How many ways can you see this part happening? Create widespread impression the government is illegitimate.

This is a penultimate step before real action. Many people who come to my pages have been to real wars. Some of these experienced people have been to color revolutions, or similar. As was I, in places like Nepal.

Again: Seizing elections is not the end state goal.

You may recall that in January 2020 I started making live streams that the 2019-era is over. We will never go back to the way things were. That epoch is gone.

2020 is a singularity. A phase change.

2021 will be far more ‘interesting’ than 2020.

Get to know your neighbors.

Prepare for economic difficulty.

I am on point.

We are Americans.

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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