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Dispatch 46: ANTIFA in Atlanta – Proud Boys, MAGA: YOU ARE AT WAR


ANTIFA LARPer in Atlanta (all photos Michael Yon)

28 November 2020
Washington, D.C.

I made the photograph above in Atlanta on Saturday, 21 November 2020. Today is Saturday, 28 November. I am back in Washington to prepare for White House visit on Tuesday. Just why I get so many invitations like this is anyone’s guess. My guess: In America, if you work hard, you will be rewarded. Unless someone steals your life and labors.

Who worked harder during this election? One side worked hard to earn it. The other side worked to steal it. This will not stand.
This is not over. If your “media” source says otherwise, block them. Forever. They are not media. They are corporate gas-lighters.


My dispatch for you is prepared in Yon-Genre reality stream. All draft all the time. Please excuse my raw life writing. I can give you more information by paying less attention to bow-ties and shined shoes.

As it happened:

As you know, I’ve spent most of the past 18 years in wars, conflicts, or other countries. In the last ten years, I’ve hardly stepped foot in America. I’ve been on the frontline of freedom.

Since my September return to America, I’ve personally witnessed many actions and protests ranging from Oregon, Washington State, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania in Harrisburg and Philadelphia, back to D.C. for more, to Atlanta, and finally to Gainesville, to Florida where a goat stopped my rental truck in Levy County threatening to ram.

D.C. because I was invited to the White House on 01 December, and to Vice President Pence’s residence on 08 December. I did not even bring a suit to America, so am rushing to get one. Only in America can I go from dressing homeless in Portland to watch BLAMTIFA attack police, to getting invited to the White House.

So far, I personally witnessed ANTIFA in action in Portland, Atlanta, and D.C.

Morale is low for ANTIFA in Atlanta and Portland. ANTIFA fighting skills are weak. They exist because nobody stops them.

All 85 of these street photographs were made by me on Saturday at four or five rallies/protests. I say four or five because some protests are difficult to separate. Where does river meet sea? There is a parallel in wars. You might get into five firefights in one day: was that five separate fights, or one long firefight with long breaks in action?

Having been to hundreds of protests around the world, patterns emerge: most of the largest protests consisted of countless smaller actions hobbled into one Big Label such as “Pro-Government” or “Anti-Government.”

Many rallies/protests are conventions where hundreds of ‘vendors’ come to sell their stories. Cameras come for the crowds. Crowds come for cameras. Often works.

Political Street Theatre is related to but separate from LARPing. LARP is Live Action Role Playing: The cameras roll and behavior changes.

Political Street Theatre occurs at places like Black Lives Matter, Inc. Plaza in Washington, D.C. where BLACK LIVES MATTER, Inc. painted gang markings on the road near the White House. And so, cameras are out there nearly 24/7 on tripods for anyone who comes out to make a play. One person can come out there and make a play for the world.

By the way: I’ve been called radical for calling ANTIFA radical. Cannot even make up this stuff.

In 2003, I was in the middle of a giant protest in San Francisco, maybe 200,000 people, labeled “anti-Iraq-war”, and it mostly was, but the subcomponents were about saving whales. Pro-life. Pro-choice. Globalization. Save the_____, or Stop the _____(fill in blank).

Likewise, the “Pro-Trump” rallies Saturday were about many topics. Central topic was this election. And though most people who attended were “Pro Trump,” or identified themselves as Pro-Trump, and are identified externally as such – the reality is they are Pro-America. The moment Trump turns his back on sacred ground such as First or Second Amendment, he’ll be tossed out the window.

Good stories needs a hero and a villain. In this story, we get to choose or ignore.

We see corporate media such as CNN is Hollywood-esque theatrics, professional wrestling,

“And in this Corner, playing the Oppressed Victim, wearing black, BLACK LIVES MATTER, Inc.!”

The crowd screams in delight at the strength and fury of the oppressed victim. Justified, sanctified, God’s very own oppressed Children! (Living in the best country in human history to be black. Showing up in Benz’s and Jags, livestreaming on iPhones.) And in any case, most of those shouting “Black Lives Matter” are virtue-signaling white people, and blacks, who will smash your camera and you – they kill a lot of people – just for being there and being white.

MAGA is a big mixed-race event where all are welcome and the mood is high and not hate-filled. With MAGA you can photograph without hassle. Go see. With MAGA, you are more likely to get invited to dinner than beat up.

“And in this corner, the White Devils! Whiter than sun-bleached rice! Oppressing innocent victims with their Jim Crow! Worshipping the False Prophet, Satan himself. MAGA!” Reality check: You don’t need a helmet at the MAGA events. BLAMTIFA might literally kill you.

BLAMTIFA, Inc. beats the tar out of people regularly for making photos. BLAMTIFA is the unholy union of BLM-ANTIFA. When terrorists mate.

Despots want complete control of the stage, and social media. They know they are not camera-worthy:



And so, Saturday morning started with a LARP-fest in front of CNN headquarters.

LARP means Live Action Role Playing. Cameras arrive, crowd gathers, show begins. Or, show begins, and cameras flutter from hidden spaces to the lantern.

MAGA events are highly censored by global corporate media.


On the left, LARPer “Brick Suit,” being interviewed by LARPer Andrew Callaghan, “All Gas No Breaks.”

I am not using the word LARP derisively. Sometimes I use LARPing derisively. Sometimes only descriptively.

LARPing comes in many shades. Bottom line: LARPing is this is not candid or raw. Andrew Callaghan and his crew were encouraging people to make wild comments. They can soundbite later. Andrew and crew take “Leading the witness” to another level. They seem to be having fun while travelling around to these “stages.”

image011Brick Suit man: The more protests you go to around the world, the more Brick Suits you see. Not literal Brick Suits, of course, but sort of LARP-branding. This is common behavior.

You may recall “Grandma Wong” in Hong Kong. The elderly lady who waved the British flag hour after hour in protests galore. I was one of the last to photograph Grandma Wong in Hong Kong before Red China arrested her in 2019.

Was Grandma Wong LARPing? Irrelevant. Grandma Wong’s branding gained millions of views and she became a thorn for Red China. If Grandma Wong was LARPing, I like her larp-style. Grandma Wong is courageous and helpful.

image013Andrew’s cameraman with Brick Suit.

This is Yon-Genre writing stream. We are going somewhere.


Still in front of CNN headquarters – maybe 200 people total – this man approached Brick Suit asking for any comment, saying he is live to Two Million Viewers right now. to Two-Million-Viewers repeated that this was live to Two Million Viewers. Seems suspect that someone streams to Two Million Viewers using an old phone, without gimbal, in portrait mode. But this is 2020.


Epoch Times is on the rise. This is the free newspaper at my hotel. The ONLY newspaper at my hotel. Do you remember when the hotel papers were New York Times and USA Today?

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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