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Dispatch 46: Revolution, Insurgency, and Civil War – we are there


Am about to drive from D.C. to Atlanta – this dispatch is unedited stream:

18 November 2020
Washington, D.C.

The big step into insurgency warfare comes when average, intelligent people see the government as illegitimate. And are willing to do something. Actively or passively. This means, among other forms of war being waged from different corners, we face insurgency, civil war, and revolution.

Our situation is no longer is ‘a possibility,’ or ‘at some point if we are not careful.’ We are there. This is it. While we’ve been running around the world dumping trillions to install ‘democrazy’ (as Thais call it), and to rescue people who don’t want our help, our own house crumbles. We’ve elected people who could not pass an algebra class pretending to understand climatology and solar cycles.

When 1% want war, the other 99% have limited choice other than to depart the arena. This is a fact of war, and of arson. Many will remain in denial until their own streets are ablaze. As witnessed this year, 2020.

Millions of people around the world read my dispatches from global conflicts such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Recall the dominant, recurring theme in slowing and ending insurgent war economic brightness.

Young people, unemployed, frustrated and angry – our very future – will not be kept in basements under lockdown. Some of these governors such as those in California, Oregon, and New York, are products of cush and comfort, destroying their own States and fanning flames that already have spread across the land.

Take Kate Brown, Governor of Oregon. I recently spent time in downtown Portland witnessing her unfolding dystopia. From her own bio,

“Kate Brown was born in Torrejón de Ardoz, Spain, on June 21, 1960. After spending most of her childhood in Minnesota, Brown earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Conservation with a Certificate in Women’s Studies from the Uni¬versity of Colorado at Boulder. She earned her law degree and Certificate in Environmental Law from the Northwestern School of Law at Lewis & Clark College in Portland.”

Kate Brown, another Green New Dealer, is turning her own great State into a Brown Bum Deal. Go walk the streets of Portland and see for yourself. Or take it from me. I already made the recon for those who cannot go, or who are smart enough not to. Even McDonald’s closed.


One wonders if Governor Kate Brown has ever read a single book not about feelings and ‘social justice.’ Feelings-ology and Fantasy-physics are not reliable navigational reference points.


Brown and others are wrecking their cities and States. These are part of our body. They are wrecking our body.

I’ve seen video footage of food-lines by not just by foot, but by people in cars. Even luxury cars. People demanding ‘free rent,’ and their reasons are easy to understand. Many are unemployed. But that rent and similar activity are the bottom cards in this house. Many people will be unable to pay no matter their willingness or good intentions.

I am no virologist, or epidemiologist, but I have paid attention to pandemic for many years. Those who watched my 2019 livestreams from Hong Kong will remember my talking about ongoing pandemic such as swine flu. I’ve read more than forty books on pandemic and endless articles over the years in large part because there is a Devil’s Triangle between War, Pandemic, Famine. If you get one of these legs in considerable magnitude, the other two legs will follow. Every time. It’s even in the Bible.

This is old knowledge that our ancestors knew well, and I pay very close attention to old people and ancestral knowledge. And with this Devil’s Triangle always comes mass human migrations. Watch. I’ve been saying it a long time because our ancestors wrote it down and I read their warnings. The second wave of this pandemic also was a solid bet.

Here is the trick on why I read so much on war, pandemic, famine: you don’t need to be an army general to understand war at a high level. You need that training and expertise to effectively wage war, but not to understand the general patterns. Likewise with pandemic. There is much more to pandemic than the bug. The human reaction – often global – can have relatively little to do with the panic and human reaction. The medical side is only part of the larger picture.

In other words, we do not need to be experts in fire-physics to understand the human reaction. We need some basis in the physics of fires but there are diminishing returns on investing time in studying thermal radiation and chemical reactions when we are trying to predict what people will do and how we should prepare and react. And to this end, I say with high confidence that someone like Dr. Fauci with medical experience is no more qualified to talk about the economic, political, and other dimensions than other educated people, and likely is far less capable of understanding those dimensions as are many others.

The China virus is only one of many dimensions. If our economy collapses, we will take a lot more countries with us, and the chance an severity of internal civil war within the United States and other countries will skyrocket, not to mention greatly increased probabilities of nation on nation wars. The virus is important but trivial on the scale of other possibilities and probabilities.

Everything we are going through now – our ancestors went through a thousand times and a thousand times more. There is little difference now other than we have smartphones made in the same China that the virus and fentanyl came from. The human reactions and tendencies are well-described in old holy books, other books, and the U.S. Constitution. You don’t need any new books to understand what is happening. Enough was written a hundred years ago to understand the patterns.

This is from President Ulysses S. Grant in 1879.


U.S. Grant was President from 1869-1877.

I’m not even supposed to like U.S. Grant because I am from the South. Red Pill reality check: Grant was one of the finest Americans ever minted. His words above could be used to perfectly describe BLAMTIFA and their facilitators this morning.

A retired Marine Colonel friend, Iraq-vet, sent two memes to me the two memes below. He lives just outside Portland.


Governor Kate Brown feeds the ducks with drugs. She feeds the ducks with hard-earned corn from the coffers of peaceful people who work. She floods Oregon streets and roadways with camps of homeless addicts while surrendering to the BLAMTIFA terrorists. Have you noticed the obvious trend that BLAMTIFA arrestees so often come with the moniker “convicted sex offender”?


These two graphics are not mindless political commentary. This is real.

Just as these are real ANTIFA arrestees in Portland:


Portland streets are unsafe for strong men, much less for women and children. Clean people – especially Christians – who avoid drugs and treadmill-insanity, who value stability, predictability, and civility, are enemies of Kate Brown’s State.

Many Oregonians — West Coasters in general — are voting with their feet and moving to places like Boise. My friend Michael Totten is a wagon-train, Oregon Trail, Oregonian and should be writing about this in national papers.

What I saw in Oregon explains why I keep seeing so many West-Coasters moving to Asia. The new Oregon Trail leads to Idaho, and to Thailand. (Not to be outdone – Thailand also faces imminent internal danger. I will talk about this today on the John Bachelor Show with John and Gordon Chang.)

One wonders how people like Governor Kate Brown keep getting elected. In light of 2020 ‘elections’, one wonders how many ‘elected’ officials were not elected, but were fraudulently shoe-horned. This is 2020. The Awakening for millions of people. Nothing is too outlandish. The higher the payoff, the more likely the fraud. Chinese virus, fentanyl, and influence operations are but one of many storms raging across America and the world.

I am your frontline witness and must again cut this off without so much as an edit pass.

Departing now from Washington, D.C. for Atlanta. In Atlanta, I will not have time to meet anyone in who is not already supporting my work, unless they are bringing more capability to the table. Advantage and influence accrues to those in action.

Nothing is written in stone. We have great influence on our futures. Do one thing every day to reclaim our America. One thing I do daily is move more of my social media activity from leftwing bastions such as Facebook and Twitter to Parler.

Our enemies are in action. We can organize better than they can. We create better systems. We must step up our efforts by increasing organization to stand up for American values.

The big step into war comes when average, intelligent people see the government as illegitimate. We are there. Huge numbers of Americans are not just disgruntled with the government but see the government as actively hostile to their own families, beliefs, and wellbeing.

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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