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Dispatch 47: White House and Australian “War Crimes”

Been a long day. Now after midnight and finally back to hotel after 12 hours of glorious meetings, and a Christmas Reception at the White House. I did not meet or see President Trump, and my meetings were not in the White House.

They have very good shrimp and grits at the White House. I went back for seconds.

Some fine books in the library. Check out this nine volume series on the history of the South. Wish I had a month alone in the library just to study these nine books. Alas. War is in the air again.

IMG 5922

Anyway… Got back to hotel and got call from the excellent British journalist Andrew Salmon. I believe Andrew is in Korea. But it’s been a long day. I forgot to ask.

Andrew is writing a story about allegations of war crimes against Australian Special Forces in Afghanistan. My gut instinct: The allegations are lawfare designed to target Australia and the Aussie military, who are famously disciplined.

I’ve seen this sort of lawfare against British and Americans.

Take this instance against British:

British Soldiers were on a mission in Basra and got into a long and sustained firefight. Dozens of enemy were killed. Leftwing lawyer-squad later attacked the British Soldiers saying they had committed war crimes during the mission.

The allegations were vacant. There was no dead body to examine. Iraqis said, for instance, he had been buried after being shot.


And I will say why.

Why: I was on that mission. Thousands of rounds were fired. Enemy and British were exchanging heavy fire and it went on and on. British kicked their tails.

And I was there the entire time and witnessed nothing that remotely appeared to be a war crime.

My photos and narrative:

Later came the allegations.

NOBODY from any side reached out to me. I was the only witness who was not Iraqi, or a British Soldier. I had tons of photos never published that I would have supplied to British court and I would have sworn in writing that I saw no war crime.

1) If I witness a war crime…

2) And fail to report that crime….

3) I will be guilty of a war crime.

I never witnessed any war crime. I’ve witnessed a lot of war, and some war stupidity, and tons of courage and professionalism, but no war crimes from Americans or from British.

Nobody asked me about those false allegations against the British.

Why? Leftwing enemies are trying to destroy the United Kingdom and their military, and the Aussies, the Canadians, and Japanese.

See this British report that mentions I was present, yet nobody asked me to make a sworn statement:

The lawfare-communists do the same to Canadians and to Japan.

Separately, in another case, this one in Afghanistan, author Michael Hastings accused me of covering up a war crime. No crime happened. Yet Hastings accused me of covering up something that did not happen.

Two Taliban were shot and killed. This was Afghanistan. They were armed and tried to shoot American Soldiers and got flat blasted. This was just a “quick and the dead” situation where our guys were slightly faster and the Taliban suddenly were dead at close range. Could have gone the other way but luck and training tipped favor and Taliban were dead in seconds. Zero war crime.

Michael Hastings is now dead. May his God forgive him because I do not. Accusing someone of war crimes is a very serious allegation.

Allegations are flying against Aussies. I do not believe the allegations against the Aussies unless there is cold proof. If any murderers occurred, the Aussies should go to prison. I just do not believe the allegations.

Michael Yon

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