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Dispatch 5: Return to America: Guns & Ammo in Vancouver, Washington

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Quick update:

Visited a gun-store yesterday. There were density limits so we waited in a line of three people outside while others shopped. While we waited, this apparent Marine surplus vehicle arrived. I do not know the specific nomenclature. There are endless types and always changing. I did not ride in this type in Iraq or Afghanistan.

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The gun store is called Sporting Systems. Very nice store and the Navy man who helped me seemed very knowledgeable. Store is well stocked including ammo.

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A difference between Sporting Systems and Cabela’s appears to be that Cabela’s did not adjust prices to demand, and so Cabela’s shelves are picked over. Meanwhile, Sporting Systems is selling a Benelli 3 Gun for $2,689.00, which seems steep for this shotgun. But they do have it in stock. I asked about 3” Magnum 00 and the man said they have plenty. Slugs, too. Cabela’s had none of the above.

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It’s America. My guess is there is zero shortage of much if you have money. Other than common sense governance. That’s something money cannot buy, and you don’t need money to have it.

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Back to work. Much to learn.

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