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Dispatch 51: The Election Day “Top Down Attack”

A Yon-genre mind-dump before another busy day

09 December 2020
Washington, D.C., near the White House

I’ve seen some exciting elections in other countries. Cracking bullets and airstrikes.

As example, got into firefights during elections in Iraq and Afghanistan. Was there for much of the Moaist disaster in Nepal. In Nepal, Maoists often attacked their own economy with forced strikes. Businesses were forced to shut their doors at risk of death.

You’ve heard me say many times over the years that targeting one’s own economy is strong symptom indicating war, not mere protests.

Remember we saw the same in places like Iraq. When I arrived in December 2004, skies near Tikrit were darkened by oil fires set by insurgents.

On 30 January 2005, there were elections in Iraq. I was in Baqubah at a polling site. Later that day we got into numerous firefights just in that area.

At the polls, voters had to show up and do the purple-finger thing. They had to show ID, and stain their fingers with ink to vote.

A problem with Iraqi system was that it would insure that dominant demographics would rule the nest. Iraq is a winner-take-all environment, as is the vast majority of the world. True democracy = mob rule.

Of course we say United States is not a democracy but a Republic. Not entirely true. Countless offices sea-to-sea are landed democratically, often resulting in mob rule. We see yet again emergence of State-level dictatorship with States shutting down unfavored businesses while allowing others to stay open. We see American leaders attacking our own economy.

Many symptoms present before war. Two major symptoms of insurgency:

1) Some significant number of action-people see the government as ILLEGITIMATE. Watch for this. Remember, the United States has fifty States which amount to, on at least some level, sovereign States. Any State government can view the Federal governments, or other State governments, as illegitimate, as can Sheriffs and others across the land. Our division of power is brilliantly messy.

2) People begin to ATTACK THEIR OWN ECONOMY as chemotherapy to unseat a government or to induce pain to create change. Polish did this to themselves to unseat Soviet Communists. Polish asked the United States to sanction Poland. We obliged. And started a CIA operation called QRHELPFUL to undermine USSR in Poland. I spent two years in Poland and learned a great deal.

Nepalese Communists did this to install themselves. I was with them quite a lot. Spent a year in Nepal. Now, Nepal is communist and as bad as ever.

The list is long. Hong Kongers pleaded with the United States to target the Hong Kong economy to damage CCP. And we did. And it hurts CCP. I was with Hong Kongers until “China” kicked me out this year. And again, learned quite a lot.

Some of the States of the United States are attacking their own economies in a transparent shot at the Federal government. At least most of us can agree that the Federal Leviathan needs to go on a tentacle reduction program, though attacking our economy is not to that end. This is about Revolution.

(I made the attached video in Afghanistan. Two different days — the ambush and missile launch were on an election day.)

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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