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Dispatch 52: Expect violent BLAMTIFA attacks within 24 hours. And Uyghurs Plead for Help Against CCP

11 December 2020
Washington, D.C.

Yesterday, 10 December 2020, I attended a gathering of Uyghurs, supporters, and media. I counted 66 total people after speeches began. Others came and max may have been 80. Including those who drifted through maybe 120 total.


An ANTIFA-sort came through and heckled that the gathering was racist. Considering the bulk were Asian including Uyghurs, Chinese of various sorts, Japanese, and numerous Koreans… The white-boy-ANTIFA-sort got heckled down the road by a Korean-American named Se Hoon. I loved it and was laughing with Se Hoon after it was over, and we even went to lunch together with Josh Philipp from Epoch Times, and famous Japanese blogger Masako Ganaha.

At least half a dozen people spoke, including the famous Frank Gaffney. Notice the opening sentence on Frank’s Wikipedia page “…is an American anti-Muslim…”


And there he was. Invited by Muslims to speak with, and on behalf of, Muslims. After all, this is 2020, and that is Wikipedia. You might not believe the abundant number of journalists who forward Wikipedia links to me.

Wikipedia is the Broad Street Pump handle of propaganda. It works like this:

1) Seed ‘articles’ online, or in other media.
2) Quote 1) above in Wikipedia
3) Nurture the circular referencing from original tainted sources
4) Accuse those who point, “The Emperor is Naked!” of being conspiracy theorists, racists, other______.

You know the drill. Amazingly easy.

The Uyghurs are from East Turkestan. “The Other “Tibet.” More accurately, “Another Tibet.” Chinese renamed East Turkestan to Xinjiang.


Naturally, few Islamic countries do much for Uyghurs, so they ask America. Many Japanese help. People like Frank Gaffney come out to help. There he was: Frank Gaffney speaking at invitation of and on behalf of Uyghurs and other oppressed people such as Tibetans and Hong Kongers, Taiwanese, and more, and promptly labeled anti-muslim by mainstream sources, Wikipedia, and more.

Tomorrow, 12 December, there should be a massive Stop the Steal gathering at the National Mall. I was just out there tonight walking the grounds to familiarize. And now am back at Black Lives Matter Plaza, where I expect violence tomorrow.

BLAMTIFA is doxxing me and many others.

Various sources tell me that BLM and ANTIFA are preparing for attacks tomorrow. Checking into hotels and so forth. I just got off the phone with one source some blocks away and could hear BLAMTIFA screaming at people.


Looks like Supreme Court rejected the Texas case.

You have seen how amazingly correct my predictions for 2020 have been starting back in January. Be prepared for a very serious 2021. This year has been a warmup.

I will start at about 0730 tomorrow, before the events at the Mall. Anticipate more terror attacks from BLAMTIFA Saturday.

I need your support. This is very expensive.

Thank you for all.

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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