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Dispatch 54: Gary Miller Drove from Texas to D.C. to rip down this sign

15 December 2020Washington, D.C.

An unedited Yon-Genre mind dump:

Situation: I made this video Saturday, 12 December 2020. Or, possibly it was after midnight and early morning 13 December.

Gary Miller drove all the way from Texas to D.C. to use a fishing rod to cast a line over the Black Lives Matter gang-propaganda, and to hoist a rope to rip it down.

There were multiple rallies starting on Saturday morning in Washington, D.C. I was there.

The President flew over by helicopter. I saw at least two flyovers.

The 14 November rally was massive. At least hundreds of thousands. For argument’s sake, say 300 to 500 thousand people.

Crowds are notoriously difficult to estimate even with overhead views, computers, and device data collection I have described over years some reasons crowd sizes can be difficult to estimate, and so will not rehash this time other than to say, as a directionally accurate number, 14 November was 300,000 to 500,000.

Saturday 12 December maximum 15,000.

And so, directionally accurate: 12 December was at most 1/20th the size of 14 November.

Crowd size is not a primary indicator of the emotion surrounding this. After all, we are midway between Thanksgiving and Christmas, our economy crumbles under weight of blue state shutdowns and reaction to the China virus.

And many people who have decided to go to war will not waste time with protests. Taliban don’t protests. Nor did our ancestors after a certain point. They dump some tea and that sort of thing, but eventually the thing pops and people no longer carry banners down the streets.

I still do not know if we will steam into profound civil war.

But, as a directionally accurate statement: All indicators point to war. We have a fully formed series of “Cat 5 Hurricanes in the Atlantic.” That much is clear. Conditions are set for war.

A final straw can be triggering event(s), general economic collapse, tax and other rebellion, and just a general feeling by enough people that various State and the Federal Government are illegitimate.

Personally, I still see my State government, Florida, as legitimate authority. I respect the government of Florida. They are not acting crazy and appear to be abiding by law. Texas remains legitimate. Many others appear still legitimate. Oklahoma seems legitimate, though I have not been back to Oklahoma for a long time. I question legitimacy of Georgia State Government, and city of Atlanta, though the Police I saw in Atlanta seemed professional in their handling large protest in front of the Capital Building.

California State government is illegitimate. Tyrannical. Los Angeles, San Francisco, and some other California areas. But don’t throw California out. Millions of serious Americans in California are disenfranchised.

Vanquish thoughts of allowing any State, including Texas, to secede in peace. Serious attempts at secession are casus belli.

California is America. We cannot have Chinese ships in San Francisco, and up in Canada.

But splitting California into multiple States is sounding better every day.

Note on Canada. Canada must not allow itself to become a battleground State between CCP and United States. Canada will lose sovereignty. Do NOT allow Chinese military to train in Canada. This is a mistake of utmost seriousness. And once done cannot be unremembered.

Many folks are questioning legitimacy of State and local governments such as city of Portland, and Oregon State government, Washington State, and City of Seattle. Washington, D.C. I agree that D.C. Metro police should be disbanded.

New York State and New York City governments are illegitimate.

I made this video about two hours after two Proud Boys were stabbed in front of me.

Gary Miller drove all the way from Texas to rip down this sign. Secret Service handcuffed Gary but released him and returned his knife.

Secret Service were professional about the event. After Gary was released, we walked off together and I sat and talked with Gary for about twenty minutes. He drove all the way from Texas to rip down this sign, slept in his van, and is heading straight back to Texas.

Practically nobody saw this. You can hear some cheers behind me, but most of the Proud Boys and ANTIFA were by now at least two or more blocks away. Another tree falling in the forest.

I cannot convey more urgently that we are steaming into profound Civil War.

If we fall into profound civil war, my experience-based guess is that symptoms will become unmistakable by Spring, or at least by mid-Summer.

These things often kick off in Spring/Summer. All conditions are set. Storms are fully formed. Spiritual leaders must hit the streets and call for peace.

Many governments within the United States are making classic blunders.


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