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Dispatch 55: Someone missing a Bullet-riddled Car?

22 December 2020

Portland, Oregon

A Yon-Genre mind dump without edit

I’ve flown in from D.C. and have been working back in Oregon. Creating source-network, sensing atmospherics, hanging out with ANTIFA. I entered to the Red House occupied zone, sat by ANTIFA campfire, and got coffee from their kitchen. Many seem like functional homeless or drug-impaired. They were friendly but highly suspicious.

Meanwhile, locals have been helping to understand the situation.


Yesterday, you may have seen the dramas in Salem, the State Capital of Oregon. A small number of locals — am guessing fifty — came to protest at the Capital building and made a minor attempt to break in.

I was not there but watched live. A friend on scene told me he had never seen it so tense. These were not ANTIFA or BLM. On livestream, I saw at least one Gadsden flag, and at least one Three-Percenter emblem. They were protesting shutdown and more.

Many businesses are closed on order of Governor Kate Brown.


People are going bankrupt amid unreliable crumbs from the government. While Americans go bankrupt and wreck the economy, we continue to ship billions in foreign aid to places like Nepal. Nepal, as one example, is reportedly earmarked for 130 million dollars in US taxpayer money. Millions of Americans are already homeless or soon will be.

I spent a year in Nepal. I love the people. But make no mistake — Nepal is a Maoist country. In China’s pocket. I spent much time with the Maoists. Our aid goes to Maoist who are as wildly corrupt as people you’ve ever seen, anywhere.

Today, I got a haircut in Washington State. Haircut lady said they had been closed for ten weeks. I wanted to shave off my grizzly adams but customers are not allowed to remove their masks. And so we did the bikini trick, keeping a tiny part of my mask over nose and mouth. Ended up with a strange cut, which I finished with a razor. The entire plot is insane.

As I have said many times, I masked up on 11 January 2020. Far ahead of the time most people realized there was a pandemic.

I’ve read more than forty books on pandemic. One must study pandemic and famine in the course of any serious study of war. These three inseparable. With these come minor and major human migration. It’s coming. Mark my word. When economies start to collapse, violence and human migration will pick up.

Pandemic with a Thousand Faces.


The more you read about pandemic, the more you realize that pandemic are always the same story. Rearrange some details, change some names, but basically same story again and again. Those who keep saying this never happened before — they simply have not read even five books on pandemic.

Go back to my January and February words where I claimed that restaurants and businesses may totally close and be gone forever. And said a hundred times that 2019 is dead. Gone. We never are going back to the way it was. There was everything up through 2019, there will be 2020, and then what comes next will be a new world.

I bet a hundred coffees that 2021 will be far more intense than anything we have seen in 2020. This year has been warm up.

I greatly respect virus and bacteria. Never taunt Mother Nature. She’s in charge. Humankind still is in primitive times in medicine. Scientists do not even well understand much about human nutrition. We are not that advanced in human development. We are smart enough and self-aware enough to realize that we still remain very primitive in our understanding of the world around us.

Importantly, I do not need virologists to explain about war that can befall us in part from reaction to this pandemic. Nor do I need a chemist to explain stampedes caused by forest fires.

I see an economy collapsing. Not just in United States, but in Thailand, and many other places. This fire is global, and obvious. I do not need an economist to explain that millions of people out of work, tax base erosion, potential tax revolt, catastrophic loss of government legitimacy, can lead to hot-war, anymore than I need an engineer to explain the mathematics and materials science of a bridge collapsing into a river. Too much stress. It breaks.

If our economy collapses — severely collapses including hyperinflation — I strongly believe we will go into profound civil war with global implications. If our economy collapses, China and many others will be severely damaged. Energy is entering the system.

Now, as we go into the final week of 2020, I do not personally know a single person who has died from this virus.

Please remember I said many times in the opening months of 2020: it would not surprising if a million Americans die from the virus. Despite that many people will still die from this virus, this virus is minor on scale of things. I would not put this virus in the top ten or even top fifty of our real problems.

REACTION to this pandemic, however, is about as close to #1 as we can get. I would put this overreaction at perhaps #2, with #1 being communist onslaught and catastrophic loss of legitimacy of many governments around USA, including at Federal, State, County, and City levels in some areas. Also foreign governments are becoming destabilized for same or similar reasons.

I’ve got to run. Much going on. My apology for no edit. Research ongoing.

My value at this time remains minor. Come spring and summer — that is when you greatly need me on the frontlines. Please support! Thank you!

I almost forgot: found this car in Portland in front of the National Guard Armory by the Portland airport.

Delivering accurate information is not Free. Your support makes it possible.

Your gifts ensure that you will continue to get unfiltered reports of what’s happening on the front lines of this fight for freedom. This will be a long journey. The struggle is just beginning. I am asking you for your support. Thank you.

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