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Marching toward Cannibalism: Don’t become Canadian Bacon

31 July 2022

Brainport, Netherlands
Mind Dump

New York Times raised a kerfuffle after broaching the topic of cannibalism.

I’ll get straight to the point. I do not see this as coincidence or innocent dialogue. I sense a darker path.

Intuitive Leap:

The Beast is setting conditions for famine and war that will include justification for genocide and cannibalism of selected targets. Specifically, the new Jews, the new Kulaks: white people. Who have for years been portrayed as evil.

For those who have studied cults and information war and how readily many people will leap to eating “Long Pig” (human flesh), this is no stretch. Simple as 1, 2, 3. Witness how quickly millions of people — even doctors — jumped to jab even while bodies were falling on the floor. Injecting the kool-aide.

Brainwashing hungry people to kill and eat enemies will be no more complicated than brainwashing millions to continue to take death jabs.

Is my intuition correct? We should know within 2-3 years.

Separate but related, it happens that I tracked down many cannibals in various countries such as India.

Michael Yon and Ghouri Baba in Benares, India.

This photo is of me with Ghouri Baba in Benares, India. As cannibals go, Ghouri Baba was tame and pleasant. That evening, we were on a boat on the Ganges River near Benares.

I’ve seen many suicide bombers, many cannibals, and many people gleefully lining up for death jabs.

Only one emotion must be overcome to leap to cannibalism: Disgust. Short circuit the Disgust circuit.

Hotwire Disgust and Anger at the Target Group. With promises that Target Group property is free for the taking. And this time the people being fed into the ovens will be dinner. The Beast conveys promises to his Cannibal Cult that eating Target Group flesh conveys magical powers such as strength and union with The Beast.

In the Pacific, human flesh often has been called Long Pig. Because people taste like pork.

After the Cannibal Cult kills off the Target Group, the useful idiots who ate the Target Group are killed.

Sound ludicrous? Look at my track record.

Nothing I just wrote is new. This is a tale as old as time.

Don’t become Canadian Bacon. Or one of the Three Little Pigs.

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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  1. Mr. Yon,

    You said a lot here, and “deeply disturbing” is just one way to describe what you have written.

    First off, Europe is still of European majority, I think your assertion that they’d become “food” in their own homeland by 2023 is a little far fetched for that exact reason. If anything there would be an attempt by Identitarians to try and wake people up before they become useful idiots in their own demise. The New York Times article is also both alarming and just embarrassing that such a thing would even be published. However, the lack of collective outrage to the publishing of the piece doesn’t seem wide enough if you ask me, that is the last thing we should normalize in modern times.

    As for America, many of European descent have left their areas of birth and moved to safer places. Americans also have the benefit of the largest civilian stockpile of weapons (for now) and any attempt to curtail rights or outright life would be dealt with.

    I still have much I’d like to say, but feel free to reply to this comment or by email so we can schedule a phonecall/Zoom/Skype. I greatly look forward to a reply, we probably agree on more things than we disagree, but it’s important to still communicate any differences.

  2. How does a civilian avoid this fate? What prepping advice do you have? Personal firearms are practically illegal in my country.

    • You say “practically illegal” but there must be some way to defend yourself either for hunting or sport, then again some countries are more strict than others. If it’s that bad with yours know the laws inside out, there is a fine line. Do not get discouraged either if it becomes harder to aquire defense, keep trying.

      Some other basic things you can do is live in a community of people you trust, live with or near family. There is always strength in numbers and blood ties. Find people who have practical skills, if you know someone who is ex-military/police and you trust them, it’s best to be around them when SHTF. Try to get out of the city if at all possible, the countryside is where you and your family would be safe compared to potentially hundreds of thousands of people looking to survive and reverting to basic survival instincts in a city when civil order break down.

  3. I watched your interview on Dr Jordan Peterson’s show on famine. That was the first I have heard of you and I am so happy to be introduced to your work.

    I see you call them ‘death jabs’, as only the awake do. I don’t follow Dr Peterson closely. I assumed he was awake since he is so clued in on most things. But I watched as he corrected himself from calling the covid ‘vaccine’ a scam… to calling the lockdowns a scam.

    It shocks me that Dr Peterson doesn’t seem to be awake about the death jabs. (Although maybe he is and I just haven’t watched enough.)

    You are amazing and I look forward to following your news closely. Thank you for your service to our country, as a green beret and as a journalist.

  4. Anyone looking at me as long pig will get bullets to eat.

  5. Have seen the terms ‘kill the rich’ and ‘eat the rich’ thrown around protests and graffitied in hard left leaning / pro socialist places like Long Beach and Puerto Rico in the last few years. Why was tax the rich written in red paint specifically on AOCs frock?

    Spent time in China a while back and learned about the cannibalism during the cultural revolution in Guangxi. According to witnesses the atrocities and brutality were not caused by economic strife but by class and political hatred.

    It’s surprising how little it takes for people to cross just about any line you can imagine with the right justification. The belief that the haves did not earn their status and privilege over the have nots seems an effective trigger for bloody murder through history.

  6. Your friend looks like he is sizing you up for his pot.

    You are right though, the jump to cannibalism is a short one if people are hungry enough. Roger’s Rangers fell into it on the starvation retreat back from the St. Francis Raid in Quebec 1759. The Quaker crew of the whaleship ESSEX did the same in the whaleboats after a sperm whale sank the ship in mid Pacific 1819.
    These are simply unexpected survival ordeals and we still talk about them today because they were so shocking. Someone going to the effort to weaponize the practice as a pogrom is really beyond the pale of evil.

    There is a reason why the idyllic image of the South Pacific is that of the Polynesian islands. The mostly peaceful Polynesians are an attractive and mild tempered people. There is a stark line between their islands and those further west where the inhabitants were more warlike and the consumption of longpig was more common. In fact it was elevated to a religious rite there.
    The Europeans named those island groups; Melanesia. No one wanted to go there.

    • I am quite lean so I’m not concerned much, I’m thinking they’ll go for the more marbled ones first.

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