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Driving Mrs. Feinstein: Crucial, unpublished information about Feinstein’s 20-year spy


The Chinese wage three types of war: Economic, Information, and Kinetic.

Our team is neck deep studying and countering the information war.

Daily Caller reports that Senator Dianne Feinstein’s Chinese spy, Russell Lowe, went to work for a Comfort Women (CW) organization when he left her. Feinstein has been a primary CW proponent.

Attached is a photograph of California Congressman Mike Honda with Feinstein’s Chinese spy discussing Comfort Women. Honda and Feinstein have been primary movers of this narrative in USA, all groomed by Chinese such as Feinstein’s driver.

Pelosi participates in the CW campaign. This is easy to find with basic web searches:

Through organizations such as Global Alliance based in Cupertino, and the Korean American Forum of California, CCP has successfully coopted local government officials such as in Glendale. I along with some team members traveled to Glendale to investigate. We found amazing things but that is too much for now.

CW is a subplot of an anti-American information war waged by Chinese. This operation is cleverly disguised as an organic Korean movement against Japanese. It’s not. This is a CCP operation against USA. The fact-pattern is clear.

Our team has loudly warned about this since 2014. I personally have published hundreds of articles or social media alerts.

The CW information operation is led by Chinese, not Koreans.

As with American feminists they target, the Koreans they have recruited are too dull and emotional to realize they are a target of CCP…the Koreans think they are actually running the CW operation and the believe they started it. In fact, the Chinese have subtly inspired and guided unsuspecting Koreans.

They are puppets and I can support this with much personal research from Korea, and yet another team member just returned from Seoul last week.

Feinstein’s spy is associated with the CW operation run out of San Francisco. Notice this is the normal Korean front, but this all is ultimately operated by CCP.

Part of our volunteer team including me flew to California and met with some of these operatives:

Research teammate Archie Miyamoto is a retired US Army officer who served two combat tours in the Korean war, and two more in Vietnam before going into the corporate world.

Archie wrote a definitive book on the CW war:

Our efforts have paid off as some MSM have noticed our work and adopted our talking points:

Personally, I have researched the “comfort women” information war in 11 countries: China, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, and America. Our team has spread our network wider still.

This Chinese operation has reached New Jersey, Georgia, Michigan, California, and many other places. Always with local faces and often with Korean faces. Chinese lurk in the background but are easy to find with just modest effort. They hide about as much as the Wizard of Oz hid behind that curtain.

Part of the Georgia operation I published:

And a piece on the larger Chinese aims I published in Japan:

All non-US citizens involved with the Social Justice Foundation, Confucius Institutes, Global Alliancein Cupertino, the Korean American Forum of California, and numerous other organizations we know are involved, should be expelled from the United States and permanently barred reentry to the United States.

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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