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Elective Wars Bring Consequences

Elective Wars Bring Consequences
01 June 2022
Austin, Texas
Mind Dump, Sans Edit

Europe is steaming into a virtue-signal iceberg. Waving those “multi-kulti” “rape me” flags while flinging open the barn doors has already resulted in carnage, child-rape, and burned churches across the land.

Suckers were taken in by information war. Tricked. Took the bait. Yummy virtue-cheese…SNAP!

And now this contrived war atop a contrived global pandemic is set to bring energy blackouts and famine on proportion that the Bible itself will need a new chapter.

I stand with Ukraine! Let’s go to war!” is the new multi-kulti flag.  Reality check — all those non-compatible cultures are spread thickly across Europe — and America — on verge of energy and food catastrophe. This is weaponized migration. The invasion armies were part of a grander operation that will destabilize and collapse countries around the world.

Those analyses of how Russia would “sweep through Ukraine” and “Ukraine will soundly beat Putin” were wrong. As per normal. The war is complex — and far bigger than the Ukraine tactical battlefield.

The global population is set to make The Greatest Migration Ever and also to take a substantial population reduction.

There is no need to surrender to fate. Those who see the storm ahead are preparing and can sail through this. It’s true that smooth seas never made a successful sailor —everyone will have a storm story to tell when this is over.

Mainstream “media” is nothing more than corporate — in many cases communist — disinformation outlets. Many are likely to end up in smoke like chicken and fertilizer plants. “Journalist” will no doubt become one of the most dangerous jobs in America. Wars are like that.

Ink that creates fire draws fire.

Zelensky is a tool. POGUS Biden is a tool. POGUS is the Puppet of the Occupation Government United States. Others include: POGUKR (Ukraine). POGAUS. POGNZ. POGFRAN. POGGERM. POGCAN Trudeau.

OGUS is down here on the southern border facilitating invasion even as OGUS still pushes deadly, fake “vaccines.” The Tex-Mex border is fully militarized and increasing. To protect and facilitate the invasion. Large camps are being built.

Missing baby food? We found it. Truckloads are going to invading aliens. Free to the aliens. All they want.

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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  1. Interesting observation of the picture with the smirking asshat…. half the people around him have yellow arm bands and Ukie flags on their uniform. The other half don’t. Must have fallen off in the wash I imagine. Certainly wouldn’t have foreign military personnel protecting a foreign head of state that has its own forces, now would we?

  2. My husband and father in law follow you, and I read a few articles when I can! We are preparing as best we are able buying bulk items to feed our very large family of 8! Any thought on how long this may go on should the Lord tarry His return? It sure seems like we’re on the verge of Revelations if not diving headlong in……if you’re a Believer…. Our opinion is that regardless of when the Lord returns it’s a stewardship issue to provide for your own! Planting huge garden, raising meat rabbits, building chicken coop for egg layers arrival….. It is challenging though when you’re not sure how long to prepare for. Thank you for your work!

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