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Embarrassed Army

Shutting me out is not shutting me up, or down.

Stranger still is that an Army PAO officer just asked if would be a guest speaker at a conference.  There is much love-hate going on.  Increasingly hate as I drive home this medical evacuation problem.

I’ve been working on another dispatch about the Dustoff issue.  It should be ready by Monday.

Meanwhile, a military friend sent this neat video of a US Air Force Pedro landing on the USNS Yukon.  The video was made with an iPhone4 through night vision.

US Air Force “Pedro” CSAR Landing on USNS Yukon

For more on the Dustup about the Dustoffs, please read:

Fool’s Gold & Troops Blood (Video of combat MEDEVAC failure)
Golden Seconds (More on MEDEVAC failures)
Pedros (Air Force Search and Rescue)
Marked for Destruction
The Army ain’t Dumb (It’s Crazy)
Dustoff Helicopters: Violating Geneva Conventions in Afghanistan

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