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Europe Dies with BASF — and BASF-Ludwigshafen…

28 October 2022
Chiang Mai, Thailand

This is the biggest, most consequential news on Earth today, yet only a tiny handful of people see it.

Masako and I were at BASF in Ludwigshafen 2x this year warning about the collapse of the Verbund. Warning this was coming. “Verbund” is a word invented by BASF to describe their amazingly complex 10 square kilometer plant. The incredibly interwoven chemical/industrial fabric — you must see it to believe it.

According to BASF, they cannot just shut down the plant without killing it. Like shutting down a human body. After you reach a certain point, it’s just a mouldering.

I’ve said on at least a hundred interviews — watch BASF. When BASF dies, Europe dies.

The green energy bullshit. The global warming bullshit. Stolen elections. The incredibly stupid ‘Ukraine’ war. The death jabs. No borders.

Billions of people will starve/perish from this and related collapse. This is Gigacide.

I will depart Chiang Mai today for meetings in Bangkok, then likely straight to Texas, or possible stop into Taiwan on the way home. Thank you for your support. I need and appreciate it.

Must watch:

Delivering accurate information is not Free. Your support makes it possible.

Your gifts ensure that you will continue to get unfiltered reports of what’s happening on the front lines of this fight for freedom. This will be a long journey. The struggle is just beginning. I am asking you for your support. Thank you.


  1. Mike, thanks so much for all you are doing. This information does not die with a few. The word is getting out. There are hundreds of thousands of people passing this information along. I am up in Northern VT. And if I’m picking it up there are many many more. As all know at times it is difficult just to process what the future may become. God Speed!!

  2. Hard to read this but I am spreading it to my skeptic friends. I am also putting it into God’s hands. He is above all and he is who we must look to in all this.

  3. Just listened to your interview with Mike Adams.
    Really great information and encourage you to keep up the timely work that is so relevant in these times. God bless

  4. Oh and then about the “pandemic” if you were in charge what would you have done. I’m just asking because there are rightfully a lot of mistakes to go around. From what I have seen, the top of the list has to be the supply of surgical masks at the start of the pandemic. And (although I may be wrong about this) when pandemics started getting up to speed, they are usually airbone right (my mistake if I am wrong about that).

    My apologies for writing another letter so soon sir.

  5. Hello sir, this is Andrew Nguyen. I don’t know if you remember but we just to talk a bit from time to time back on facebook before you justifiably abandoned the site.

    I thought that by now with your long experience sir that nearly all (if not all) war is stupid. At least they must all be considered tragedies. Like for example World War II in the Pacific.

    Still that being said what are your thoughts about the Ukraine War. Just asking.

      • If so then in your opinion, if you were in the hot seat what would you have done about Ukraine…personally from what I have seen if success here can give China pause then wouldn’t that be a good thing. On the other hand considering the broken state of our country…(vote fully republican people) I have to agree with you as I work in downtown LA and well…I’ll leave it to your imagination sir. Still thank you sir for responding to this.

        If I did anything wrong in posting this then my apologies. I don’t want to break any rules here.

  6. Bless you Michael and your incredible
    courage and bravery.

    Than you for everything.

    Keep safe

    Kind regards

  7. Bless you Michael and your incredible courage and bravery.
    Than you for everything.
    Keep safe
    Kind regards

  8. You are awesome, a true voice of reason and critical thinking. Keep up the good work and stand strong. I read your posts daily, all day. A place to go to get the real true news of what is really going on in the world. Thank you for your work and dedication!

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