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Even as the World Watched II: Tasting the Kool-Aid

Photo Caption: Bangkok, May 2010

On another day there had been much fighting and some journalists were out in the middle of it but I did not go to the middle.  I watched from the edges as a writer instead of a photographer, but this one apparently had dived in because he was sweating and more covered in soot than this photo seems to reveal.

Despite the danger, witnesses were out there, seemingly by the hundreds.

Often the journalists waited, as do soldiers.

(Note: Photos in this dispatch are not in chronological or “geographic” order, but are ordered thematically.  This is not a comprehensive accounting of the Bangkok fighting.  There are probably thousands of accounts online.)

This was a strange battle area.  Surrounded by modern buildings, nice hotels and the trappings of a modern city, you could dive into a 7-Eleven for a cold drink.  I tried to buy tampons in case of bullet wounds but tampons are hard to come by in Thailand, so, having left my gear in Afghanistan, I bought pads instead.

Any helmet was better than none.  Protestors often used slingshots with iron ingots, lugnuts, marbles and rocks.

Cameras everywhere.

The world was watching.

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