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Explosive Supply Pressure

Air and Blast Safety: Rule of Thumb

Today’s massive supply chain fires should be a reminder about masks and blast safety. Just a matter of time before this is chemical plants and trains. For minimum safe distance for unarmored people in the open—use the rule of thumb. Keep moving back until the entire incident can be hidden under your thumb with your arm stretched out.

Remember— the first blast is rarely the biggest. If something explodes, haul ass and keep hauling ass. Away from the smoke. Rule of thumb.

I have no idea what caused these supply chain fires. So many “coincidences.”

Remember: All Smoke is Toxic

This just getting started. Sometimes in Iraq, the day turned into night due to oil sabotage. Miles away. Buy masks and the best filters. Learn how to don and clear your mask. Thousands of people Learn the hard way. (Saw that a lot in Hong Kong and Thailand — nice mask, wear wrong, no work.)

A great mask makes a great difference. I’ve become a mask connoisseur.


Additive Pressures:

Pipeline Explosion

Read More at Michigan Live: US-23 reopens after natural gas pipeline explosion; investigation into the cause continues.


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