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Facebook Blocked my Account, Again


Do not dare say any truth about Chong Dae Hyup on Facebook. Facebook blocked my account again, for 30 days, for this simple sentence: “Koreans sure are easy to fool. They even think Chong Dae Hyup is on their side.”


I researched Chong Dae Hyup (CDH) in Korea. Went to their headquarters, conducted long intervews with members there and on the Korean streets and in California. CDH is a straight up communist organization who works for North Korea and does bidding for China. One of their members already tried to assassinate our Ambassador.


Chong Dae Hyup operates in the USA, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Australia, Philippines, Germany, Canada, and other places.

CDH runs a serious operation installing these comfort women statues to cause us to fight each other and hate Japanese. Their first goal is to cause a split between Korea-USA-Japan. They largely have succeeded with Korea-Japan.

More recently, CDH has landed with their statues in Vietnam, and they are attacking South Korea. Please consider that for a moment. They are now playing the same game between Korea and Vietnam that they have been playing for years against Japan-Korea, but this time Korea is the overt target. This has not yet sunk in with many Koreans. They are too busy worshipping these statues, which have now been installed on buses.

I watched them worship these statues for weeks in Korea. They dress up the statues, play music for the statues, hold umbrellas for them in the rain, hold the statue’s hands. Sing for them. Dance for them. It is a regular National Geographic extravaganza, and anthropological wonder. And if you say what I am saying here, but you say this in Korea, expect a beating and or criminal charges.

This is serious business with Korean government backing, though the government must have started to notice that CDH is now turning on them, as they intended from the beginning. Koreans on the whole still do not realize they are a primary target.

Koreans have naively believed that CDH is on their side against US and Japan, but in reality South Korea is a primary target of CDH. Most Koreans have been too naïve to realize that CDH is their enemy, and few Americans even realize that CDH exists and is operating from California to New Jersey to Georgia. Michigan, too. They are spreading, trying to enflame passions to make us fight each other.

Their strategy is transparent: Divide, and Conquer.

When CDH allowed me into their HQ, they did not realize that our team is on to them. Now they know, and they constantly attack me, having succeeded twice in getting my Facebook accout blocked.

My Facebook account is busy:


At minimum, CDH and sympathizers use Facebook to silence free communication. Do they have someone inside Facebook? Are they just gaming the software? I do not know. But I do know that Facebook is doing the bidding of an enemy of Korea, Japan, USA, and Australia.

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