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Famine-burst, sans edit

05 May 2022
Mind Burst, Sans Edit
Panama, Central America

As you see, my constant badgering since January 2020 is turning out painfully accurate. Worst case accurate. Trump’s ‘vaccines’ pushed by the radical left also are turning out somewhere on the worst-case spectrum.

If my paradigm is reasonably accurate on the coming Global Famines — the famines alone likely will take more human life than all of World War II. The elective and provoked war in Ukraine is a humanitarian catastrophe of choice.

Even Europe and United States can go into actual famine. Not just painful food shortages, but parts of actual famine.

Folks who have studied famine know that living in farmland is not a security blanket. Folks who live in the country nestled in Green Acres seem to assume they are immune. They are wrong. One friend — an intelligence professional — actually told me something like. “I shop at local markets” and therefore will be fine. This is like saying I will just order Uber Eats. Another friend told me she is a vegetarian so it does not matter. These are educated, well-traveled people. Cannot make up this stuff. Like the people who have never been to a hurricane thinking they will just buy a stronger umbrella.

A “Cat-5” famine is like a Category 5 hurricane. Flattens entire towns. In fact, during Mao’s great leap forward, huge numbers of people left homeless as homes were flattened for fertilizer. Women’s hair was used as fertilizer. The government seized food from farmers and fed the farmers to work. When farmers did not produce enough, they starved.

Governments will seize products directly from farmers, raid warehouses, and homes. This is normal.

Price controls, quotas, and limits are a given.

A bag of rice will be worth a Tesla to a starving Soy.

Am reading my 16th book on famine — the parallels in Mao’s China and many things we see today are apparent — such as continuing to export food, interrupting fertilizer distribution, and leave fallow increasing amounts of farmland.

China was exporting food to places like Cuba, Russia, and Albania — while millions were starving to death. China was dumping food on international markets below production cost and pulling food into large warehouses. At the warehouses were many fires and much spoilage due to other factors such as rats.

Product fade was terrible. Sand, sawdust, water, anything, added as fillers. Unfertilized fields produced crops too puny to save tens of millions of lives. Trucks and trains not distributing food and fertilizer. Farmers eating next year’s seed to survive this year. And naturally tons of cannibalism. Always cannibalism. All famines bring cannibalism and coverup.

People are poisoned by eating cottonseed. Starvers eating thatched homes.

Leather. Starving people always eat leather. You read this in every famine book and every sailor story that goes awry.

In China, previous breadbaskets like Henan Province saw some of the worst famine. People say, “Never here! This is a breadbasket.” Ukraine. Holodomor. Henan. More. They are wrong. People who prepared always fared better.

Other parts of China were fine. Just like Ireland, and other large famines.

We are seeing real indicators that the United States could go into no-shit famine. Nobody is saying this. Outside the Overton Window. Amazingly obvious.

Famines always create enormous HOP: Human Osmotic Pressure.

OGUS — Occupation Government United States — is down here in Panama increasing the migration flow to the United States. As the other continents go into famine, millions of people will dump through this artery to America. During famine. This is an act of war by OGUS.

Thank you for your support. I must return to America soon from Panama to harden myself against famine and to cover what unfolds. This will require significantly more gear and preparation to stay in the front. Plant a garden. Get a ham radio. Thank you for your support:

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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